Antetokoumpo got into the controversy: “The NBA winner is not a world champion”

Antetokoumpo got into the controversy: “The NBA winner is not a world champion”
September 13, 2023 – 12:10

The Greek Giannis Antetokoumpo, star of the Milwaukee Bucks and two-time NBA MVP, considered that the champion of the American league cannot be called a “world champion”, as they do. The recent Basketball World Cup left them exposed.

The Greek Giannis antetokoumpostar of Milwaukee Bucks in the NBAconsidered today that although it is the best basketball tournament in the world, the winner cannot be called “world champion”.

“Although the NBA is the best league in the world, you cannot say that you are a world champion just because you play in it. I’m not saying that there are teams that beat the champion Denver Nuggets, but you have to respect everyone.”said the Greek star who did not participate in the recent Indonesia, Philippines and Japan World Cup for being injured.

The controversy arose a few days ago when the American athlete Noah Lylesa sprint specialist and four-time world champion, asked at a news conference at the World Athletics Championship of Budapest: “World champions of what? The United States?”

”I totally agree with Lyles. He received a lot of criticism when he simply stated the obvious. I don’t think you can declare yourself world champion in any other sport.'”said the Greek.

Antetokoumpo He justified his opinion by adding: “In soccer, much broader and more popular than the NBA, when they win the Champions League, they simply say they are winners of the Champions League. When they win the World Cup, whether they play against the United States or another international team, they say who are world champions.”

In it 2023 World Cup, USA finished fourth after losing to Germany (title winner) and Canada and the poor performance of the “world champions” was talked about with a lot of irony on social networks.

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