Platense turned it over to Lanús and took a breath

Platense turned it over to Lanús and took a breath

Platense chased away questions from his fans towards the team and the coach himself, Martín Palermo, by turning the score around Lanús to stay with a very valuable 2 to 1 victory in Vicente López that allowed them to surpass six teams combined in the Annual Table on this fourth date of the League Cup.

The “Calamares” began losing before 10 minutes after a good collective play by Lanús, who today had an interim coach (Sebastián Salomón) after the resignation of Frank Kudelka and during the rest of the first half they constantly received questions from the fans who were coming down from the stands.

It is that after that goal scored by the Tucuman Leandro Diaz The visitors continued to handle the ball and were superior to the “Marrón” in all the efforts of the game, which suggested that the second score of the “garnets” was about to fall, more due to their own merits than due to the shortcomings of their rival.

But Lanus, that despite having the quality of Pedro de la Vega in attack and Matias Esquivel In the gestation, he never found the gaps through which to filter into the rival’s last line, and thus he let that first stage pass, wasting what was the best moment of the night in the game.

Because in the complement and after a harangue of Palermo In the locker room revealed by Ignacio Vázquez, the former All Boys barely three minutes in scored his first goal with the Platense shirt with a lofted header that surprised the goalkeeper. Alan Aguerre.


From then on, a much improved local team was seen, which went in search of victory, and the paths towards it were quickly opened, because just after the quarter of an hour the former Racing Club, Juan Cáceres, had himself sent off for attack a rival and dismantle the visiting defense.

Solomon turned to Brian Aguirre to occupy the right back left vacant by Caceres, but the retreat of the middle back this time did not favor “Cafú”, whose original position is precisely that of leading marker on that side, and Platense began to continually pierce the “Granate” defense.

The Uruguayan missed it Lucas Ocampo after a good personal action on the half hour mark, but he insisted just a few minutes later to score the second goal with a curved left foot shot from outside the area.

And in the last quarter of an hour Platense He asserted himself in the numerical and scoreboard advantage to solve the weak attempts of his rival, penultimate in Zone B with just one point, for which that equality was always far away.

And so, after 26 years Platense beat Lanús again in Vicente López. Now they will have another complicated match for the fifth date against Belgrano, in Córdoba, while Lanús, perhaps with a new coach (Facundo Sava sounds strong), will host Sarmiento, from Junín.

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