The raw confession of forward Brian Fernández: “It’s sad and I’ve been crying a lot”

The raw confession of forward Brian Fernández: “It’s sad and I’ve been crying a lot”
September 19, 2023 – 12:08

The footballer was fired by Morelia of Mexico and published a strong defense on his Instagram profile. “For me, the sun was rising,” he acknowledged.

The Argentine striker Brian Fernandez revealed the reasons why his contract was terminated in the Morelia of Mexico and published a strong defense, after having played only 16 minutes and having scored a goal in his brief time at the club.

“Everyone’s question: did you relapse? The same thing again? What a way to screw yourself up! Comments that make it even more difficult than it is,” he began Brian Fernandez through a publication on your social network account Instagram.

And he added: “Less than a month ago I was in a clinic Buenos Aires undergoing treatment, hospitalized three months ago, when from heaven came the proposal of my life: to join the club Morelia. “I consulted with my people, they told me no because the contract had many clauses that were difficult to comply with at the moment, since it needed containment.”

“I was about to leave with an almost complete treatment, but my desire to be on the field again and shout a goal, won me over; I said I can do it. For me the sun was rising,” continued the former striker of Racing and Ferro.

The harsh confession of Brian Fernández

Along those lines, he added: “In my head, anxiety and everything that my illness brings didn’t let me continue; I made a mistake, I apologized and I felt accompanied. I continued with the training, feeling that I could reverse it, I was going to find a way to adjust without falling and without going through the same self-destruction as always, but when I arrived I knew the decision; “You found out about the club’s statement before us.”

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“I can only tell you this and tell you that I’m going to be better, after everything in this life I had to fight it. Wouldn’t you try it? It’s sad, I’ve been crying a lot, but for me that goal that I scored in those few minutes gave me more strength to continue and revives me. Soccer is my life and the best I do, I show it every time I am on the field. Thanks to those who shouted that goal with me, more than anything to my family who mourned it and knows what it means to me,” the forward concluded.

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