The Boca fan who walked to Rio de Janeiro arrived at Copacabana

The Boca fan who walked to Rio de Janeiro arrived at Copacabana

Leandro Fortunatohe Boca fan who went viral for going on foot to attend the final of the Copa Libertadores, was able to fulfill his dream after 23 days of walking and is already in Copacabanaplace where the team Jorge Almiron He will try to win his seventh trophy.

In the last hours, Fortunato He had published a video on the networks with the distance he needed to reach the city of the final.

“I don’t want to get you excited, but behind all of that (a mountain was visible), there is Rio de Janeiro. “There are only 200km left,” he said, while, after another 20 hours, he made a post after his arrival at the place that brought him happiness.

In fact, in the last video he was already seen on the beach, with fans of Boca del Dique, La Plata and Villa Elvirawho bought him glasses, a hat and flip flops so he could enjoy the sun of River.

Fortunato is from the Buenos Aires town of Isidro Casanova, lives in Ingeniero Budge and his story went viral because he began his journey on foot towards Rio de Janeiro to try to be present in the final between Boca and Fluminense.

How was the journey?

Along with the announcement, he published the journey on his social networks according to Google Maps and the time that the application indicated that it would take him to arrive at his destination: 22 days and 17 hours per week. Pan-American Highway, route 9 to Zárate, route 12 to Entre Ríos, then route 14 to Corrientes, the crossing through Paso de los Libres and the journey through the states of Río Grande del Sur, Santa Catarina, Curitiba, San Pablo and finally River.

In the first days of the trip he already encountered some important obstacles: heat, cold, rain, some floods in the interior of Rio Grande do Sulin addition to suffering from fever and cough, situations that complicated his journey, but he managed to overcome them.

While he walked the routes of Brazilin Buenos Aires their partner remained Cinthya and her daughter Renata And, in the middle of the trip, he came across news that brought him down and he told it on his networks.

“I tell you that this feat is becoming increasingly difficult, due to the fact that there are many floods, many routes that cannot be crossed on foot. The Police screwed me up. I arrived in Carazinho and got bad news. My lady blocked me from Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. You have to reach River and then we will see what I will do with my life,” he said, distressed.

He even doubted whether he could finally complete his dream.

“I don’t know if I’ll get there, I doubt it, but I’ll keep trying.”. If I have to walk across a river, I do it. And if I drown, I drown,” she noted days ago.

But finally, he managed to overcome everything and is now in Copacabanahappy and ready to see your Mouth dear, as he said, “the passion that will not abandon him.”

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