FC Bayern Munich leaves the league far behind with record sales

FC Bayern Munich leaves the league far behind with record sales

According to President Herbert Hainer, the members of FC Bayern Munich can “look forward to the balance sheets” that will be presented at the annual general meeting. The competition is likely to look at Munich with a certain amount of envy.

At the annual general meeting on Sunday, FC Bayern Munich will present its members with figures that will make the competition dizzy. According to “Kicker”, a record will be achieved in sales for the 2022/23 financial year. Sales are therefore beyond the 800 million euro mark for the first time. In 2021/22, the Munich-based company took in 665.7 million euros – also due to corona. The previous high was from the 2018/19 season before the pandemic at 750.4 million euros. So the Corona dent has been overcome. The 100 million euro transfer of striker Harry Kane will not yet appear in the figures as it will be allocated to the current financial year.

“Economically, we are more than impressive, our members can look forward to the balance sheets. And socially, we have once again lived up to our responsibility with many initiatives. We are looking forward to sharing all of this with our members at the AGM,” said President Herbert Hainer in “Münchner Merkur/tz”.

FC Bayern Munich leaves the competition far behind

The members’ meeting will take place on Sunday from 11 a.m. in the Rudi Sedlmayer Hall, the BMW Park for basketball players. For the first time, the annual general meeting will be held on a morning.

The competition will also look at Munich with a certain amount of envy, because Bayern’s gap to the rest of the league is growing instead of shrinking. For comparison: Borussia Dortmund generated total sales of 515.4 million euros for the financial year, also a record, but still far away from Bayern.

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