Kidnapping in Colombia: Father of Liverpool professional Díaz released

Kidnapping in Colombia: Father of Liverpool professional Díaz released

Footballer Luis Díaz from Liverpool FC can breathe a sigh of relief. His father’s kidnapping had a happy ending.

The kidnapped father of Colombian national soccer player Luis Díaz has been released after almost two weeks.

He was taken in a helicopter to Valledupar airport in the Cesar department, as seen on Caracol television. According to media reports, the liberation process took place under the leadership of the Catholic Church and a UN commission.

Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro recently called on the left-wing guerrilla organization ELN for the father’s immediate release. The professional from English Premier League club Liverpool FC himself also addressed the kidnappers directly after scoring a goal in a game with the inscription “Freedom for Dad” on his T-shirt and a moving statement afterwards.

Abducted on October 28th

Luis Manuel Díaz and his wife were abducted by a rebel group unit on October 28 in the Guajira department in the northeast of the country. While the Liverpool professional’s mother was rescued shortly afterwards, his father was still in the hands of the guerrillas.

Recently there had been repeated possible signs of an impending release, but this was repeatedly delayed. The rebels had accused the South American country’s armed forces of endangering the handover with their strong presence in the region.

When hostages are released in Colombia, it is common for the military to withdraw from a certain area to enable the handover of those abducted and to prevent armed clashes. According to media reports, the military then withdrew from the area.

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