Jacksonville Jaguars: Ex-employee is said to have stolen millions from NFL team

Jacksonville Jaguars: Ex-employee is said to have stolen millions from NFL team

An ex-employee of the Jacksonville Jaguars is said to have enriched himself on a large scale during his time as an employee. In total, he probably stole more than $22 million.

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Amit Patel worked in the accounting department of the Jacksonville Jaguars for several years. There he is said to have stolen over $22 million from the team. Now he has the FBI on his back. The man with Indian roots milked his employer, the Jacksonville Jaguars, for over five years. In total, he stole $22 million from the NFL team. Since 2018, Patel has worked with the NFL team in accounting and financial management.

But how did the man manage to steal $22 million unnoticed? The magic word is the Jaguars’ credit card system. In his role as an accountant, Patel had almost unlimited access to wire transfers and repeatedly sent himself large amounts of money. He disguised these transfers as hotel, catering or travel expenses.

The crooks’ house of cards then collapsed on Patel in February 2023. The Jaguars caught up with him. Immediate cancellation!

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars confirm termination

Court documents say the crook laundered all of the Jaguars’ money through online betting. With the betting proceeds, Patel bought a luxury apartment in Florida, invited friends on private jet trips around the world and treated himself to a Tesla and a fat Ford pickup. He invested the rest of the money in cryptocurrencies and luxury watches.

A statement from the Jacksonville Jaguars said: “We can confirm that we fired the named individual in February 2023. Since then, we have cooperated fully with the FBI and US authorities. The employee was a former finance manager who was his Position exploited. The police have already given us the all-clear: no other employees were involved in the crime!”

Patel was charged with wire fraud and illegal money transactions and is already in custody. The damage he caused to the NFL team: $22,221,454!

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