Football miracle in Spain: “Village of the Indomitable”: FC Girona shakes up LaLiga

Football miracle in Spain: “Village of the Indomitable”: FC Girona shakes up LaLiga

In Spain, a small club is currently proving that you can be successful in the multi-millionaire industry even with modest means. How is Girona’s football miracle possible?

Nobody in Spain had really taken Girona FC seriously before. With the 4-2 victory in the Catalan derby against defending champions FC Barcelona, ​​the sensational team from the Primera División finally passed their football maturity test.

The captain of the German national team, Ilkay Gündogan, is among the many who took their hat off to the surprise LaLiga league leaders. The Barça professional had to painfully discover the “quality” of his rival himself. “It’s no coincidence that Girona is at the top,” said the 33-year-old after the final whistle on Sunday.

Even in the Spanish capital there was an outpouring of praise for the bunch of nobodies from the separatist stronghold, which is actually hated in Madrid, and the home of “Catalanista” boss and fugitive from justice Carles Puigdemont.

“Village of the Indomitable”

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