Protest against IOC: Magazine shows Russians in bloody training clothes

Protest against IOC: Magazine shows Russians in bloody training clothes

Athletes from Russia are allowed to take part in the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. This decision by the International Olympic Committee inspired a Czech media to protest drastically.

Last Friday, the IOC ended the timed game and paved the way for Russia’s athletes to Paris. The head of the International Olympic Committee granted individual athletes from Russia and Belarus permission to compete in the 2024 Summer Games on Friday under certain conditions, provided they meet the qualification conditions. The IOC, led by President Thomas Bach, followed a request from the international summer sports associations and the National Olympic Committees to finally make a decision on this question, which has been controversial since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine.

However, not only athletes, associations and politicians are protesting against this decision, but also the Czech media “reflex.cz” – and quite creatively. “The Olympic Committee has allowed the Russians and Belarusians to take part in the Olympics. We agree if they wear this bloody collection,” reads one included. You can see it: young, sporty people in blood-smeared or even blood-soaked tracksuits.

Russian athletes in blood-soaked training clothes

“While the Russian army, led by war criminal Vladimir Putin, is still murdering civilians in Ukraine, kidnapping Ukrainian women, and raping and torturing anyone it gets its hands on, the International Olympic Committee thought it would be a good idea to have Russian and Belarusian “To let athletes compete under a neutral flag at the Paris Olympics,” the article said. “We ‘applaud’ and approve the decision on the condition that the athletes wear a collection that we created for them with the help of the artificial intelligence Midjourney.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin uses athletes “to propagate his own regime of terror whenever he can,” write the creators of the picture gallery. The IOC has decided that athletes from Russia will be allowed to compete as “neutrals,” so “it doesn’t hurt to remember that hundreds of Ukrainians won’t be able to take part in the Olympics just because the Russians are keeping them in their homes murdered,” according to “reflex.cz”. The AI-generated photos are correspondingly drastic. Blood stains on clothing are the most harmless thing.

Sources:, DPA.

Source: Stern

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