Janik Sommerer: “That simply tops everything”

Janik Sommerer: “That simply tops everything”
Janik Sommerer
Image: Gepa

The eleventh medal for the Youth Olympic Team Austria was an announcement. Even in temperatures around minus 20 degrees Celsius, Janik Sommerer is eager for the first ski cross decision and flies to the silver medal on the course at the Welli Hilli Park Resort. “The Youth Olympic Winter Games have already been a unique experience so far, but this tops everything,” said the Gosau resident.

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New format. Spectacular course. And perfect conditions, apart from the icy cold that prevailed in the Welli Hilli Park Resort, about an hour’s drive from Pyeongchang. The ski crossers had to compete against each other in two groups and five runs in the morning and collect points. “It was something different, really cool, to have so many runs,” Janik Sommerer was the only one from the Austrian team and was able to qualify for the semi-finals as second in his group.

There were – in the classic way – four-man races again and the best two in each semi-final moved into the medal race. The Gosauer also took this hurdle confidently. “I had a lot of fun, it was an amazing experience to be able to be there and I knew I had it.” The 17-year-old once again impressively demonstrated this in the final. “I got off to a really good start and took the lead right away. Unfortunately, I didn’t get off to the second dip very well and the German overtook me,” said Sommerer, annoyed about the crucial mistake in a thrilling finale. “I tried everything, was always close to him, but I couldn’t overtake him anymore.”

Influencers are enthusiastic

However, the celebration at the finish was boundless: “At that moment everything had to go, all the pressure, the joy, everything.” The man from Gosau also let his emotions run wild at the award ceremony – and also impressed the Korean influencers in the audience with his hooded style. “The moment when you receive the medal is unique. Hopefully I can experience that often, maybe the Austrian anthem will even be played,” Sommerer would like to get a taste of the World Cup as soon as possible and at some point compete in the Winter Olympics go.

The mixed team competition is still on the program on Wednesday, after which the career changer – the ski cross talent competed in alpine races in December – goes back to everyday life. “It’s going to be a hard change,” says Sommerer, because: “The course here was really cool, we’ve never had one like it in a race before and we probably won’t have one again for a long time.”

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