FC Bayern Munich: Neuer in front of Leverkusen: “We like highlight games like this”

FC Bayern Munich: Neuer in front of Leverkusen: “We like highlight games like this”

After the win against Gladbach, Bayern are already warming up for the top game. Neuer is aggressive, Müller gives a result tip – and the boss distributes the role of favorite.

After his team’s arduous dress rehearsal, Bayern captain Manuel Neuer looked forward to the top Bundesliga game against leaders Bayer Leverkusen, who were still unbeaten this season, full of anticipation and at the same time aggressive.

“We like highlight games like this,” said the 37-year-old national soccer goalkeeper after the 3-1 home game against Borussia Mönchengladbach. “Football Germany can be happy,” said Neuer’s long-time companion Thomas Müller (34) on Saturday evening after his 500th competitive victory as a Bayern professional.

“Now it’s different than in the past that we are currently the hunters,” said Neuer about the two-point deficit to Leverkusen. “We obviously want to change that, if possible with three points in Leverkusen. Everyone who wears the Bayern jersey is waiting for these games. That’s the case in the Champions League, that’s the case in most games against Dortmund. And right now A duel like this with Leverkusen, where they are having a very good season, is a big highlight for us that we are looking forward to,” said Neuer.

“The momentum decides”

The fact that his team is struggling to get up to speed in the new year is irrelevant for Neuer in view of the showdown with Leverkusen next Saturday. “No matter what the results were beforehand, a lot of things don’t count in games like this. Momentum decides. We’ll see who has the better form on the day.”

Müller ventured a prediction. “I don’t think any team will win 4-0,” said the offensive player. Both teams have a lot of quality and self-confidence.

Bayern boss Jan-Christian Dreesen reiterated Munich’s claim to become German champions again this season. Regarding the starting position in the top game, the CEO remarked: “It’s an unbelievable excitement that two clubs are currently doing so well and are having such a fight. That’s excellent for the league.” Regarding the role of favorites, the 56-year-old remarked: “I wouldn’t necessarily see us as favorites. We are now also in the role of pursuer. So it’s clear who the favorite is.” But “we feel quite comfortable” with that.

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