Boca and Independiente have an advantage in history, but River and Racing have the most valued squads

Boca and Independiente have an advantage in history, but River and Racing have the most valued squads

If a comparison is made based on the statistics of the four main Argentine soccer clubs, which will face each other this weekend in the date of the classics, the 7th of the Professional League Cup, It can be deduced that while Boca beats River in official matches, it is the millionaires who have the most valued squad.

The same happens with Independent, it has an overwhelming difference in sports over its classic rival, but the Academy practically doubles the value of its neighbor’s team.

TO Mouth The history of the Superclásico is favorable to him and no matter what happens this Sunday at the Monumental stadium, he is certain that he will remain on top in the head-to-head matchup against his lifelong rival.

Of the 260 times they faced each other, Xeneize won 91 matches and lost 86 games while 83 were draws. That is, he has a lead of five wins.

However, for national cups, Mouth He was successful in just two opportunities out of 14 games. He lost five times and there were seven ties

Mouth It also leads in national leagues with 78 wins in 214 duels against 71 losses. The rest, 65 matches, were draws. At the international level there are 32 matches in which they met: there is the most even record because the xeneize won 11, the Millonario, 10 and there was no winner on 11 occasions.

However, from the point of view of the valuations of the schools, the Millionaire He lives up to his nickname. In recent times he has sold footballers for exorbitant figures. The most striking cases weren Enzo Fernández, Julián Álvarez and Lucas Beltrán, and more recently Claudio Echeverri, who still remains in the club. Thus, he also incorporated measures to have the most expensive squad in Argentine soccer. Xeneize, meanwhile, also has a list with good surnames and stands up to Núñez’s team.

According to Transfermarkt, sGerman website with statistics relating to the football market, The total value of the River squad is 88.99 million euros. Martín Demichelis’ team has 29 players, with an average age of 26.2 years and 6 foreigners (20.7%).

His most valued player is Claudio Echeverry -recently sold to Manchester City– that according Transfermarkt It is worth €12 million. The one that follows is Pablo Solari, with €8 million.

This gives a slight advantage to the club chaired by Juan Román Riquelme, whose roster of 31 players is valued at €75.95 million. The average age is similar to that of its rival, with 26.9 years and it has 7 footballers from other countries (22.6%).

In the case of Xeneize, Cristian Medina, with €8.5 billion and Ezequiel Fernandez, With €8 million they are the footballers with the highest valuation.

Avellaneda Classic

The history between Independiere and Racing, Since the first match for points in the Second Division, on June 19, 1910, with a 1-0 Red victory, it indicates that they faced each other 234 times, with 89 wins for the team. Red, 70 for racing and 75 ties.

Independiente has a lead of 19 classics and accumulates 50 uninterrupted seasons at the helm in his history. This part of the story began in the Metropolitano in 1974 when he won 4-1 with 3 goals from Ricardo Bochini. There he took control, and was never under again.

independent goal.jpg

Independiente has more celebrations than its classic rival, but Racing doubles it in the value of its squad.


On December 12, 1915, on the field that Independiente had on Avenida Miter 1987, in the Crucecita neighborhood, the first classic in the First Division was played. When considering only the League matches in the highest category (amateur and professional era), Rojo leads with an advantage of 22, the result of 84 wins and 62 losses (68 draws). However, it must be clarified that tomorrow’s match will not be added to this item, as it is a National Cup match.

Also, by separating the matches between the amateur and professional era, Independent It is also up with a difference of 22 since 1931. Always in League matches, there are 76 wins against 54 losses.

To complete the 234 matches in history, they met twice in the promotion in 1910 (one victory for each) and twice in the round of 16 of the 1992 Super Cup, when racing won the first leg and qualified for the second leg with a draw as a visitor.

Regarding the valuations of the squads, Carlos Tevez’s team, according to Transfermarkt, is valued at €24,725,000, while Gustavo Costas’ team is worth practically double because in total it is listed at €46,575,000, so there is a difference of approximately €21,850,000.

That increase that had racing It occurred in the last two transfer markets since midfielder Juan Nardoni is the most expensive (worth €6 million) and is followed by recent additions such as Santiago Sosa (€4 million), Facundo Cambeses (€3.8 million) and Marco Di Césare (€3.5 million). The only player from the club who makes it into the top 5 is youth player Baltasar Rodríguez, with a value of €3.5 million.

On the side of Independent, The serious economic situation that it has gone through in recent years is reflected in the price of each of its players because the most expensive are Matías Giménez Rojas, who is worth €3.5 million – half that of Nardoni -, Santiago Toloza (€3.3 million), Gabriel Neves (€2 million),

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