Starting whistle for the duel between Def. Unidos and Miter (SE)

Starting whistle for the duel between Def.  Unidos and Miter (SE)
February 24, 2024 – 17:11
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On the last day, the visit took the victory and added 3 as host. The home team lost and will seek to correct the mistakes of that match to return to the path of victory.

Def. Unidos seeks to rise from its defeat against Aldosivi at the José María Minella. In recent duels, they have won 1 and lost 1, with 2 goals scored and 3 in their goal.

On the previous day, Miter (SE) defeated Dep. Madryn 1-0. As a result of the last games of the current season, it has 1 win and 1 draw. In those duels, he was able to celebrate 2 goals and kept a clean sheet.

Juan Loustau was appointed as the main referee of the match at the Gigante de Villa Fox stadium.

Def Formation United today

Santiago Davio presented a 4-4-2 alignment with Fabricio Henricot defending the goal; Maximiliano Ortigoza, Ariel Morales, Damián Zadel and Luis Olivera at the back; Nicolás Cavagnero, Brian Guerra, Matías Nizzo and Martín Peralta in the center of the field; and with Javier Velázquez and Rodrigo Hernández in the attack.

Miter (SE) formation today

For his part, Joaquín Sastre came out to play with a 4-4-2 strategy, with Luciano Jachfe in goal; Cristian Díaz, Oscar Piris, Tiago Ferreyra, Marcos Sánchez on the defensive line; Tomás Castro, Juan Alesandroni, Matias Ferrari and Juan Pablo Gobetto in midfield; and Franco Posse and Kevin Isa Luna up front.

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