Cañuelas defeats Flandria 2 to 1 at the Carlos V stadium

Cañuelas defeats Flandria 2 to 1 at the Carlos V stadium
Cañuelas defeats Flandria 2 to 1 at the Carlos V stadium

In the 85th minute, Cañuelas managed to score the goal that led him to victory against Flandria with a score of 2-1. Bruno Báez (1′ 2T) and Ulises Ojeda (40′ 2T) are the authors of the visitor’s momentary triumph.

The visitor comes from winning last day and will seek to continue on the path of victory. For its part, the local team comes to this match after a previous draw

On their previous visit, Flandria tied 1 with Laferrere. In the last 4 games of the current tournament, they generated 2 victories and 2 losses, with 4 goals scored and 4 on their goal.

Cañuelas beat Villa San Carlos at home by 2 to 1. In the last matches of the tournament, they have managed to win 3 and have drawn 1. In addition, they have managed to score 9 goals and have received 5 in their goal.

Referee Gastón Iglesias was in charge of supervising the game at the Carlos V stadium.

Formation of Flandria today

Coach Walter Díaz arranged a 4-3-3 formation with Federico Díaz defending the goal; Mariano Sagristani, Facundo Gómez, Eugenio Raggio and Emilio Suárez as defenders; Franco Bustamante, Iván Becker and Mauro Bellone in the center of the field; with Leonardo Gonzalez, Juan Pablo Zárate and Cristian Cuenca as attackers.

Cañuelas formation today

For his part, Germán Sassone came out to play with a 4-4-2 formation, with goalkeeper Augusto Bottini; Nicolas Frias, Gonzalo Zabala, Bruno Dordoni, Santiago Pavón as defenders; Lucas Giménez, Nahuel Ríos, Aarón Barquett and Ulises Ojeda as midfielders; and Bruno Báez and Bautista Hernández as forwards.

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