Aldosivi achieved a 1-0 victory against Miter (SE)

Aldosivi achieved a 1-0 victory against Miter (SE)
Aldosivi achieved a 1-0 victory against Miter (SE)

With a solo goal over Miter (SE), Tiburon took the victory on date 9 of the Argentina tournament – Primera Nacional Championship 2024. In the 14th minute of the second half, Nicolás Laméndola changed the course of the match by scoring a goal that sentenced the meeting.

The figure of the meeting was Nicolás Laméndola. Aldosivi’s midfielder stood out against Miter (SE) since he scored 1 goal.

Juan Ignacio Sills was also a crucial figure on defense during the match. Aldosivi’s defender was important.

The match had a large number of cautions: Brian Mieres, Gonzalo Soto, Nicolás Laméndola, Juan Pablo Gobetto, Oscar Piris, Gonzalo Mottes and Natanael Guzmán.

The coach of Miter (SE), Joaquín Sastre, arranged a 4-4-2 formation on the field with Luciano Jachfe in goal; Brian Mieres, Oscar Piris, Tiago Ferreyra and Marcos Sánchez on the defensive line; Juan Pablo Gobetto, Juan Alesandroni, Agustín Mansilla and Javier Bayk in the middle; and Franco Posse and Joan Juncos in the attack.

For their part, those led by Andrés Yllana stood with a 4-4-2 strategy with Jorge Carranza between the three sticks; Rodrigo González, Gonzalo Soto, Gonzalo Mottes and Franco Godoy in defense; Santiago Úbeda, Gonzalo Piñeiro, Alan Sosa and Nicolás Laméndola in the midfield; and Agustín Colazo and Elías Torres up front.

The referee designated for the match was Nelson Sosa.

Miter (SE) will host Güemes (SE) on the next matchday, while Tiburón will host Gimnasia y Tiro at the Adolfo López stadium.

Changes in Miter (SE)
  • 62′ 2T – Agustín Mansilla left for Tomás Castro and Javier Mauricio Bayk for Kevin Amir Isa Luna
  • 76′ 2T – Franco Luca Posse Yarwa left for Tobías Iván Coppo and Joan Alexander Juncos for Emiliano Lencina
  • 83′ 2T – Brian Luis Mieres left for Cristian Hernán Díaz
Changes in Aldosivi
  • 64′ 2T – Alan Alejandro Sosa left for Ignacio Guerrico
  • 79′ 2T – Agustín Colazo left for Natanael Emanuel Guzmán
  • 86′ 2T – Santiago Úbeda left for Juan Ignacio Sills and Nicolás Emanuel Laméndola for Agustín Alonso

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