Atlanta leads Brown (Adrogué)

Atlanta leads Brown (Adrogué)

Federico Bisanz opens the scoring in the 13th minute and Atlanta goes on to beat Brown (A) 1-0.

Both teams will try not to repeat what they did in their last game of the tournament. The visit was left empty-handed after the defeat suffered last day. For its part, the local team managed to rescue a point from the tie achieved the previous date.

Brown (Adrogué) comes from drawing against Def. United 1-1. In the last games of this season, he had 2 draws and 2 defeats, with 5 goals scored and 1 in the rival’s goal.

Atlanta comes into this match after losing 0 to 2 against Temperley. In the last matches, they tied twice and lost twice. With 2 goals in favor, they have received 8 against.

Carlos Córdoba was in charge of supervising the order of play during the match.

Formation of Brown (Adrogué) today

Pablo Vicó stood with a 4-4-2 alignment with goalkeeper Franco Agüero; Carlos Aguirre, Abel Masuero, Nicolás Herranz and Gonzalo Gamarra as defenders; Matías Sproat, Gonzalo Desio, Patrizio and Sergio Modón as midfielders; and Matías Nouet and Lucio Castillo as forwards.

Atlanta formation today

For his part, coach Luis Osvaldo García arranged a 4-4-2 strategy on the field with Alejandro Sánchez defending the goal; Mauricio Rosales, Dylan Gissi, Fernando Evangelista, Tomás Silva as defenders; Alejo Dramisino, Juan Manuel Requena, Nicolás Previtali and Leonardo Marinucci in the center of the field; and with Federico Bisanz and Ivo Costantino as attackers.

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