The match between Almagro vs Def begins. Joined

The match between Almagro vs Def begins.  Joined
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After losing in their last game, the home team wants to regain victory in front of their people and get the three points. The visit only saved one unit in the previous day and will fight to keep the victory.

Almagro suffered a hard blow when they fell 0 to 2 on the last day against Dep. Madryn. In the previous duels, they have won 1 game, in 2 the final result was a draw and they have lost 1. During those days, they have scored 6 goals and scored 2 against their opponents.

Def. Unidos obtained a point thanks to a 1-1 draw against Brown (Adrogué). Of the last games they played, they have won 2, lost 1 and drawn 1, with 6 goals against their rivals and they have beaten their goal 5 times.

Referee Felipe Viola was selected to carry out the actions of the game.

Almagro formation today

Strategist Norberto Paparatto opted for a 4-4-2 formation with Nereo Champagne between the three sticks; Nahuel Basualdo, Matías Molina, Juan Francisco Mattia and Luca Falabella at the back; Franco Vedoya, Luis Jérez Silva, Laureano Troncoso and Patricio Pérez in the middle; and Luís Leal and Sergio Lopez as attackers.

Def Formation United today

For his part, coach Santiago Davio proposed a 4-4-2 tactical scheme with Fabricio Henricot in goal; Mauro Alarcón, Matías Contreras, Matías Mariatti, Luis Olivera on the defensive line; Franco Sivetti, Matías Nizzo, Maximiliano Ortigoza and Franco Lonardi in midfield; and Franco Caballero and Jonathan Suárez up front.

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