Aintree Grand National: Who wants to see Ascot when there’s Aintree?

Aintree Grand National: Who wants to see Ascot when there’s Aintree?

While the actors – horses and riders – don’t have an easy time at the Aintree Grand National, the audience makes the best of it: bets are higher than ever in advance and when it gets started, the utmost importance is attached to a stylish appearance when it comes to outfits. However, the guests in Liverpool have significantly more freedom than the royal family; a little more navel, leg and humor can be shown here than at Ascot.

Aintree is one of the races in the world with the highest stakes and best prizes, something the British are famous for anyway. However, due to the danger of the races for horses and riders, not necessarily the best horses compete there. But whatever? In other races, the supposedly best horse doesn’t always win. The races, which traditionally take place in April, involve completing two laps of 7.2 km (4.5 miles) and overcoming 30 obstacles (including 14 twice).

Aintree: Racing and celebrating are only separated by a fence

Meanwhile, the audience has its own program. Hordes of friends arrive dressed up and one or two drinks are served in (plastic) cups during the day. Nowadays people take tons of selfies because we don’t get together so young – and perfectly dressed – anymore.

The temperatures in Liverpool on Friday and Saturday were only around 15 degrees, but that never bothered the islanders. There is no sign of cardigans or warm boots, why should they be? Then there’s just a glass, er, cup more to drink.

There were two color preferences this year: bright and natural. Pink and orange caught the eye, as did white and beige. However, as in our selection of images, we are primarily talking about the women.

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