“Olympic Testimony”: the campaign that includes Argentine athletes to benefit Paralympic athletes

“Olympic Testimony”: the campaign that includes Argentine athletes to benefit Paralympic athletes

Through the Ristretter Destefano Influence Network, which was the creator of this solidarity campaign, they managed to exceed ten contributions of objects, which were sold for 500 dollars each to help the Paralympic athletes Elías Romero (Table Tennis) and Ariel Atamañuk (Paddling).

Those mentioned will receive a sufficient amount of money to optimize their performance, given that via official organizations they already have their corresponding stay and clothing through scholarships. Therefore, the effort of this solidarity movement will be to give them an upgrade in implements and supplements so that they compete on equal terms in Paris.

But the campaign led by Claudio Destefano was such a success that, with a total of 15 contributions, they expanded the support network and doubled the number of Paralympic athletes, since María Laura Rodríguez Belvedere (Adapted Sports Shooting) and Stefanía Ferrando (Adapted Sports Shooting) benefited. Boccia).

Macri joined the athletes who participated in the Paralympics.

Macri joined the athletes who participated in the Paralympics.

“We were able to put together something nice. We asked the Olympians if they could donate something, whether it was a pair of shoes, a training t-shirt or something belonging to them,” Destefano explained to NA about how this initiative began.

“The idea was that ten businessmen would put up $500 each to participate in the objects. The mechanism is to hold a raffle among those who participate and in the order they come out, they will be able to choose the objects that remain,” he added.

“With that money we are going to buy things that the Paralympic athletes lack. They are details in reality, since they have their tickets, stays. But they need to improve their materials,” he remarked.

“Luckily more people joined and this led us to have to go out and look for more athletes who can donate things and we added them in less than five hours,” he highlighted.

On the other hand, the Ristretter Influence Network announced that with these four names they closed the actions and thanked the different people who made their contributions to the cause. However, Destefano confided in NA that he could add one more Paralympic athlete in the coming days to benefit.

Among the athletes who offered their help, names such as Facundo Conte (volleyball), Luciana Aymar (former field hockey player), Andrés “Chapu” Nocioni (former basketball player), Paula “la peque” Pareto (former judoka) and Pumas 7s rugby player Marcos Moneta, who before undergoing surgery for an injury to his right ankle, provided his contribution.

Added to the long list were Romina Plataroti, Javier Conte, Mateo Graziano, Belén Pérez Maurice, Fabricio Oberto, Georgina Bardach, Marcelo Alexandre, Agustín Vernice, Georgina Klug, the brothers Diego, Pablo and Sebastián Simonet, Sandra Torres, Federico Molinari, Damian Blaum, Federico Gabrich, Cecilia Bagioli, Ariel Suárez, Hugo Conte, Ariel Atamañuk, Elías Romero, Eduardo “Raqui” Peruchena, Mariela Scarone, Guillermo Quaini, Daniela Giménez, Delfina Merino, Sebastián Crismanich, Fernanda Russo and Leandro Usuna.

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