Juan Barbieri scored a double in Dep. Armenia’s 4-1 win over Argentino de Merlo

Juan Barbieri scored a double in Dep. Armenia’s 4-1 win over Argentino de Merlo

With two goals from forward Juan Barbieri, Armenio won this Saturday over Argentino de M. in the match corresponding to date 12 of Argentina – Primera B Championship Season 2024. The goal of the match for the local team was scored by Alexis Delgado (44′ 2T , criminal). While the away goals were scored by Lucas Scarnato (9′ 1T), Juan Barbieri (13′ 1T and 15′ 1T) and Tomás Jerez Sayago (25′ 1T).

Juan Barbieri was the figure of the party. The forward from Dep. Armenio scored 2 goals and shot into the opponent’s goal on 2 occasions.

Another important player in the match was Lucas Scarnato. The Dep. Armenio midfielder was the author of 1 goal.

In the match there were 2 reprimands: Marcos Giménez and Federico Motta.

The technical director of Argentino de M., Lucas Nohra, proposed a 4-4-2 strategy with Matías Vaccaneo in goal; Diego Ursino, Gabriel Tomassini, Saúl Nelle and Cristian Marcial on the defensive line; Luciano Romero, Carlos Giménez, Marcos Giménez and Gastón Scisci in the middle; and Alan Salvador and Marcos Landaburu in the attack.

For their part, those led by Cristian Tula stood with a 4-4-2 formation with Iván López under the three sticks; Fabricio López, Cristian Ordoñez, Alejo Osella and Nahuel Troxler in defense; Valentino Venetucci, Nahuel Sica, Federico Motta and Lucas Scarnato in midfield; and Tomás Jerez Sayago and Juan Barbieri up front.

Referee Mauro Biasutto was selected to carry out the actions of the game.

On the next date Argentino de M. will visit Comunicaciones and Armenio will play at home against Sp. Italiano at the Armenia stadium.

Changes in Merlo’s Argentine
  • 45′ 2T – Marcos Giménez left for Víctor Hugo López, Carlos Michael Giménez for Martín Javier Caramuto, Marcos Nahuel Landaburu for Alexis Lucas Delgado and Tomás Jeréz Sayago for Jonathan Gabriel Guenzani
  • 83′ 2T – Cristian Alejandro Marcial left for Kevin Agustín Benítez
Changes in Armenian Dept.
  • 62′ 2T – Federico Motta came out for Lautaro Montani
  • 69′ 2T – Nahuel Matías Troxler came out for Lucas Joaquín Medina
  • 78′ 2T – Valentino Venetucci left for Luciano Joaquín Villalba and Juan Ignacio Barbieri for Matías Ezequiel Blanco

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