With a single goal, Liniers defeated Comunicaciones at the Juan Antonio Arias stadium

With a single goal, Liniers defeated Comunicaciones at the Juan Antonio Arias stadium

It was a single score by Liniers that decided the fate of the match on date 12 of the Argentina tournament – Championship Primera B Season 2024, guaranteeing their 1-0 victory over Comunicaciones at the Juan Antonio Arias stadium. In minute 1 of the first half, Matías Linas scored the goal that gave Liniers the victory.

Matías Linas had a great performance. The Liniers attacker shone by scoring 1 goal.

Another player who had a great game was Hugo Acevedo. The Liniers goalkeeper was the protagonist against Comunicaciones.

The match had several reprimands: Agustín Minnicelli, Sebastián Martínez, Guillermo Ocampo and Martín López.

Liniers coach, Guillermo De Lucca, presented a 3-5-2 tactical layout with Hugo Acevedo in goal; Santiago Galván, Sebastián Martínez and Manuel Gaitán on the defensive line; Rodrigo Dimotta, Santiago Palacio, Guillermo Ocampo, Cristian Barrios and Luciano Correa in the middle; and Matías Linas and Franco Romero in the attack.

For its part, Carlos David Ruiz’s team came out with a 4-4-2 tactical layout with Juan Pablo Lungarzo between the three sticks; Lucas Vallejo, Ariel Coronel, Agustín Minnicelli and Martín López in defense; Conrado Puigdellivol, Juan Manuel García Pereyra, Gonzalo Jaque and Alexis Vázquez in the midfield; and Maximiliano Tunessi and Sebastián Montero up front.

Ariel Cruz was in charge of supervising the order of play during the match.

On the next day, Liniers will face Villa Dálmine as a visitor, while Comunicaciones will play as a visitor against Argentino de Merlo.

Changes in Liniers
  • 70′ 2T – Franco Manuel Romero left for Nicolás Emiliano Varela
  • 83′ 2T – Cristian Daniel Barrios left for Julián Ezequiel Bembo
  • 87′ 2T – Matías Linás left for Elías Gálvez and Santiago Palacio for Joel Maximiliano Torres
Changes in Communications
  • 59′ 2T – Christian Sebastián Montero left for Federico Nicolaievsky and Alexis Iván Vázquez for Jeremías Heidenreich
  • 86′ 2T – Agustín Nicolás Minnicelli left for Leonel Ezequiel Müller

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