He was a champion with River, played abroad and now works from Monday to Monday in a coach

He was a champion with River, played abroad and now works from Monday to Monday in a coach

More than one soccer player, or someone who dreams of being one, would like to have a career as a Arctic Hector. The career that the former player had in Argentine soccer was remarkable. The former defender born in Colonia Caroya, Córdoba, managed to play in clubs such as River, Students, Velez and thanks to that he was later able to make a great fortune. Events in life tend to be unpredictable, and that is why Ártico is currently away from the world of football, working at the age of 75 with a truck.

The story of the former soccer player is truly amazing. Héctor worked in a winery in his hometown of Córdoba, until one day Talleres went to play a friendly game nearby. That’s where it all started.

What was Héctor Ártico’s football career like?

The story started after a test for 16 and 17 year old boys. Córdoba Workshops He was in Asoschinga to play a friendly preparation at Club San Martín and that is why “Albiazul” took the opportunity to recruit young people from the area. Ártico remained in the “T” and some time later he debuted with the first team in a preparatory match in 1969. Although he was expelled in that match after 15 minutes, he belonged to the first team.

It was not easy to earn a place in the first team and that is why in 1971 he played a season for the classic rival, Belgrano de Córdobawhere it didn’t have much filming.

Upon his return to Talleres, between 1972 and 1974, was the period of time where Ártico managed to establish himself as a professional player. The ’74 season was historic for the former defender with the arrival of the renowned Angel Labruna to the T bench. With good performances, Héctor earned Labruna’s trust, becoming a fundamental pillar in the defense of the Córdoba team.

With a character already forged, and being a good defender, in 1975 a historic event occurred for the former player’s career. Ángel Labruna went to coach River and took with him two players he trusted: Héctor Ártico and Pablo Comelles. The transfers of both players left a million-dollar sum for the Córdoba club and the transfers are remembered as some of the highest grossing of that decade.

River, which had not been a champion for 18 years, faced a great possibility of breaking the worst negative streak in its history with the idol as coach. With players like Norberto Alonso, Ubaldo Fillol, Oscar Mas, Carlos Morete, JJ López, Roberto Perfumo and Héctor ÁrticoNúñez’s team managed to win the two tournaments that were played during the year: Metropolitan and National. Ártico managed to stand out in that squad and stayed in the “Millonario” until 1977, the year when he also became champion of the Metro.

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After his great time at River, Héctor Ártico played in Velez (with important actions to save themselves from relegation), Students (1979-1980) until it was his turn to try international soccer in Colombia. The former defender spent five months defending the colors of the Magdalena Union of Santa Martabut since things were not very good in the country due to the drug trafficking cartels, he decided to return to Argentina.

In 1981, the former player signed with Santa Fe Unionwhere he was also saved from relegation, and in 1982, again from the hand of Labruna, returned to Talleres with several former River players on the squad. Furthermore, that year he was close to being crowned by reaching the semifinals of the National tournament.

In 1983, “Gringo” went on to play Tiger, which at that time was in promotion, and had good seasons, although it could not meet the goal of being promoted to first class. After 3 years in the “Matador”, Héctor Ártico decided to hang up his boots in 1986 playing in a team that played in the First C, United Defenders of Zárate.

From there, another life began completely different from what he was used to. “I think it wasn’t so difficult for me because since I was a child I had incorporated the work culture,” he expressed in an interview he gave to Infobae.

What happened to Héctor Ártico’s life after his retirement from football?

Once away from the green grass, the former champion with River dedicated himself to being an investor: at first he had a gastronomic business located in Palermo and thanks to other important investments it came to have seven apartments in the Belgrano area.

Hector was doing very well and leading a happy life until suddenly life hit him in a painful way. His father, a great participant in his life, fell ill with cancer and the treatments were very expensive. To cover the expenses of a three-year treatment, Ártico had to sell four of the seven apartments he had. Furthermore, as if that were not enough, his ex-partner abruptly left him, keeping the other properties he owned in the Belgrano neighborhood.

They were difficult years for the former player, but according to what he said he was able to get ahead thanks to work. Shortly after, and almost melted, started driving a truck; at first in Buenos Aires and then returned to his hometown to continue his work there to the present day.

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“When I was a teenager I was diagnosed with Chagas disease, which I still have, but it never stopped me from playing soccer. At that moment, the doctor who treated me gave me a certificate certified by him, in which he made it clear that he authorized me to play and told me: “Gringo: you are going to die from anything, except this.” Everything he had mentioned to me was fulfilled, because I had a long career and to this day, at 74 years old, I work from Monday to Monday and I don’t have any problems“Artico commented in the interview.

Today people who get into their cars remember it. Soccer is still part of the driver’s life: if he doesn’t tell an anecdote about his exploits on the field, he talks to the passengers about what happened last weekend.

Héctor Ártico’s story is a reminder of how complex life can be in many cases, where success in football may not guarantee stability outside of it. Lastly, if you are in Caroya Colony and you ask for a taxi, pay attention, it could be that your driver is a River Plate champion.

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