Argentino de Merlo achieves a comeback and wins 2-1 against Villa San Carlos

Argentino de Merlo achieves a comeback and wins 2-1 against Villa San Carlos

Argentino de M. achieved a victory against San Carlos, adding three points in the match played on date 17 of the Argentina tournament – Primera B Season Championship 2024. In an exciting match, the host team began losing through a play by Nicolás Benavídez at minute 27 of the first half, but Marcos Landaburu (12′ of the second half) and Alan Salvador (44′ of the same stage) were able to reverse the score in favor of Argentino de Merlo with two penalty goals.

Alan Salvador’s performance positioned him as the most outstanding player of the match. Argentino de Merlo’s midfielder scored 1 goal.

Marcos Landaburu was another of the outstanding players. Argentino de Merlo’s forward showed his best level by scoring 1 goal.

The match had several reprimands: Gabriel Tomassini, Bautista Biffi, Alexis Delgado and Julián Viollaz.

Argentino de M.’s strategist, Néstor Ferraresi, stopped the starting eleven with a 4-4-2 formation with Matías Vaccaneo in goal; Diego Ursino, Gabriel Tomassini, Carlos Giménez and Alejo Daivez on the defensive line; Valentín Gargiulo, Luciano Romero, Alan Salvador and Martín Caramuto in the middle; and Matías Ledesma and Marcos Landaburu in the attack.

For their part, those chosen by Lucas Ochandorena took to the field with a 4-4-2 formation with Gianfranco Cao between the three sticks; Luciano Machín, Ignacio Oroná, Bautista Biffi and Nicolás Benavídez in defense; Francisco Cairo, Ángel Acosta, Alexis Alegre and Matias Samaniego in the midfield; and Alejandro Lugones and Octavio Padovani up front.

Ariel Cruz was designated as the main referee of the match at the Juan Carlos Brieva stadium.

On the next day Argentino de M. will face Flandria as a visitor and San Carlos will play the home game against Sp. Italiano.

Changes in Merlo’s Argentine
  • 45′ 2T – Matías Ledesma came out for Alex Julián Viollaz
  • 67′ 2T – Marcos Nahuel Landaburu came out for Alexis Lucas Delgado
  • 79′ 2T – Valentín Emiliano Gargiulo left for Octavio Alejandro Moscarelli and Martín Javier Caramuto for Kevin Agustín Benítez
  • 89′ 2T – Diego Nicolás Ursino left for Gastón Tellechea
Changes in Villa San Carlos
  • 64′ 2T – Matias Samaniego left for Bruno Mariani and Octavio Padovani for Valentín Fernández
  • 65′ 2T – Alexis Alegre left for Tomás Romero
  • 90′ 2T – Ángel Acosta came out for Pablo Martín Miranda

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