Formula 1: Leclerc on title fight: “Don’t think about the World Cup”

Formula 1: Leclerc on title fight: “Don’t think about the World Cup”

Charles Leclerc is euphoric after his home victory in Monaco. A pizza also helped him on the way there. The Ferrari star is very realistic about the fight for the world championship title.

After his emotional home victory in Monaco, winning the Formula 1 title is not yet a concern for Ferrari star Charles Leclerc. “I’m not thinking about the World Championship, it’s far too early in the season,” said the 26-year-old after his Grand Prix victory on Sunday in his hometown. For the first time in almost two years, the Monegasque won a race in the principality and is the closest rival to world champion Max Verstappen, just 31 points behind, in second place in the overall standings.

“It’s just one win, the season is still very long, but emotionally it means so much to me,” said Leclerc about the special triumph in front of many friends and family. At the end of Sunday, he jumped into the harbor basin in his racing suit together with team boss Fred Vasseur and took a swim to great acclaim. “I’m happy with how things are going and hope that there will be more victories. But that doesn’t mean that it will stay like this until the end of the season.” However, his Ferrari team will work on making life as difficult as possible for Verstappen and Red Bull.

Leclerc had previously failed several times in Monaco and had never made it onto the podium. From pole position, the 2022 vice world champion was unbeatable in the eighth race of the season, even though he had been under more stress than he would have liked the evening before. “I couldn’t cook because I got home so late. I just ordered my favorite pizza,” said Leclerc. After a pizza Margherita with smoked ham, he slept wonderfully and was ready for the race.

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