Edinson Cavani gave a lapidary look at the VAR: “It damages football”

Edinson Cavani gave a lapidary look at the VAR: “It damages football”

After having a goal disallowed in the goalless draw between Mouth and Workshopsfor the third date of the Professional Leaguethe Uruguayan Edinson Cavani He criticized the use of VAR in football, saying that “it damages it.”

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However, the euphoria was brief, since minutes later, the VAR intervened and annulled the goal due to an alleged offside. This decision not only extinguished the celebration in the stadium, but also ignited the anger of Edinson Cavani, who did not hesitate to express his disagreement on El Canal de Boca.

“It is a tool that is damaging,” said the Uruguayan, referring to the VAR. “I saw the play on Saturday. It’s a shame that that goal couldn’t be scored. It was so confusing, that takes away from football the spontaneity it has, at times you see unimaginable things and that’s what makes it rich.”

Edinson Cavani chooses to do without VAR

“Sometimes, in this way, we lose what football has always had. I have not been a supporter of VAR for some time now. We must allow the referees to have that margin, to be human beings and to make mistakes,” he added. Edinson Cavani about. “They can get it right, as they have done all their lives. I prefer that they miss and make a mistake on the court in a quick play than from a computer and sitting in a chair making a decision when they are not there.”

Edinson Cavani He stressed that his position was not motivated exclusively by the disallowed goal against Talleres: “We do not have the technological tools to take certain measures. It is not because of the goal, whenever I have been asked I say that I prefer football without VAR.”

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The forward continued his criticism by highlighting the lack of clarity and certainty that VAR offers to the public and players. “You don’t give people certainty about the decision you are making. What has been seen are images that are not clear. And that sparks confusion, which is not nice in football. Football has to be pure essence, passion, mistake and mischief”.

Finally, Edison Cavani questioned the inconsistency in the application of VAR by different referees: “Then then you start to think how it can be that some referees take it with one criterion, and others, with another. The rules are the same for all footballers, but why when “There is a hand, one referee interprets it one way and another another. Instead of bringing a solution, they have brought a tool that is damaging football.”

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