A few days before the elections, Huracán denies the sale of Pusetto to Boca

A few days before the elections, Huracán denies the sale of Pusetto to Boca

The president of Hurricane, David Garzón rejected the arrivals of Ignacio Pusetto and the Chilean Rodrigo Echeverría to Bocawhile he assured that in the entity of Parque Patricios “They are not willing to negotiate anything” with the “Xeneize”.

In the midst of rumors that claimed that the experienced forward and the trans-Andean midfielder would be reinforcements for Boca, the president of “Globo” denied these agreements: “No one called me, but We are not willing to negotiate anything with Boca because we haven’t had good experiences. Neither to buy nor to sell. It is a limit and we are strict with that.”

We do not believe that they are the ways to handle, they have another way. So we are not going to reach any agreement. The thing about the coach and the thing about Merolla was a point that changed everything for us. At least this administration and Abel Poza, our candidate, is not going to do it.” He added who will go as second vice president for the ruling party in the elections that Huracán will hold next Sunday.

In Hurricane They consider that these versions arise as part of an internal policy due to the elections that the club will have in which they will compete. Abel Poza by the ruling party, Hector Hussein (Max Huracán group) and Fernando Folchi (Always Hurricane first).

The elections in Huracán

The president of Huracán, David Garzón confirmed that he will not go for re-election in the elections that will be held at the club on June 2since he assured that “every day life brings a lot of wear and tear” in the entity, which is going through a sporting crisis.

“I had had talks with Abel personally at the end of the year when we had come out of that whole relegation situation, This brings a lot of wear and tear, a lot of fatigue. and sometimes you don’t have to screw yourself to the chair and give way to someone with more strength,” commented Garzón.

“To me personally I love that Abel (Poza) is the candidate“I consider him a brother, he is absolutely trustworthy,” commented the president on the party program “Habla Huracán.”

Regarding the new candidate, he commented: “In all areas of football, Abel is a very respected guy, who goes to the front, and I think he would be a great president of Huracán. He is a person who fights for the club. Hurricane is his life.”

In 2021, Waiter He proclaimed himself president with a unity front of five groups: Círculo Arriba Huracán, Por Un Huracán Mejor, Huracán Somos Todos, Jorge Newbery and Grande Se Nace.

Although he prefers to remain linked to the club, he will not do so by heading a list, which is why he is promoting the launch of Abel Poza, current second vice president.

For the moment, the first vice president Gustav Mendelovich, of the PUHM, does not agree with this decision and advocates maintaining the formula as it is. A yes or no definition is expected this week from him.

On the other hand, the group Max Hurricanewhich represents the opposition to this administration, resolved that Héctor Hussein be its candidate for president.

It is also Always First Hurricanethe new space that emerged recently with the former president Alejandro Nadurwho cannot be a candidate due to an administrative sanction and at the moment did not say who will run for the presidency on his list.

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