French Open: Becker is looking forward to semi-final matches: “Totally excited”

French Open: Becker is looking forward to semi-final matches: “Totally excited”

Zverev against Ruud and Sinner against Alcaraz. Who will get their ticket to the final at the French Open? Boris Becker is also excited.

Tennis icon Boris Becker is also looking forward to today’s men’s semifinals at the French Open with Alexander Zverev. “I’m really excited,” said the six-time Grand Slam tournament winner on Eurosport. The previous day with the women’s semifinals was already “a good day of tennis,” said Becker, “hopefully it will be the same for the men.”

From a German perspective, the semifinal between Zverev (27) and Norwegian Casper Ruud (25) in the late afternoon (not before 5.30 p.m.) is eagerly awaited. While the Hamburg native spent a total of 11.5 hours on the court in his last three matches and twice had to go over five sets, Ruud had a three-day break due to defending champion Novak Djokovic’s withdrawal from the quarterfinals due to injury.

“I don’t think it’s an advantage to have three days off in the middle of the tournament,” said Becker. Physically, it would suit Ruud, “but then you’re also mentally exhausted, your concentration goes out the window,” said Becker: “I’m excited and hope that the match will be closer than last year.” In last year’s semifinal, Ruud had clearly won in three sets against Zverev, who had not yet been in top form in 2022 after his serious foot injury.

Becker expects a high-class exchange of blows

Looking ahead to the first semi-final (2:30 p.m.) between the two young stars Jannik Sinner (22) and Carlos Alcaraz (21), Becker predicted a high-class exchange of blows. After the quarter-final victory against the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, at the latest, we know that the Spaniard Alcaraz “is in top form,” said Becker, “even if he still has that sock around his elbow.”

Alcaraz had been struggling with an elbow injury before the French Open. The Italian Sinner, who will replace Djokovic as number 1 in the world rankings after the tournament, has also “improved from match to match” after his hip injury in Paris, said Becker. Sinner’s duel with Alcaraz is “of course the match that everyone is looking forward to.”

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