Athletics: Steeplechase runner Krause: Not home without European Championship medal

Athletics: Steeplechase runner Krause: Not home without European Championship medal

Gesa Felicitas Krause already has two European titles. When she returns from maternity leave, the steeplechase runner has set herself a clear goal.

The view from afar during her pregnancy has awakened Gesa Felicitas Krause’s hunger for more medals. She wants to expand her impressive collection at the European Athletics Championships in Rome, where the 31-year-old will be competing in her preliminary round of the 3000-meter steeplechase today (1:05 ​​p.m.). “I definitely don’t want to go home without a medal,” says the two-time title holder.

She feels like she is still an active part of a championship. She has achieved all of her goals so far this year: German indoor champion over 1500 and 3000 meters and qualifying for the Olympic Games straight away. In order to end up on the podium in Rome on Sunday evening (10:04 p.m.), Krause has made the trip without her little daughter.

“Gesa becomes a mother, comes back and becomes European champion”

“It will definitely not be child’s play,” says the former World Cup third-place finisher, looking ahead to the continental competition. And stresses: “I’m taking the competition extremely seriously. Running competitions in Europe are an opportunity to run at the front.” In the meantime, her partner and family are looking after her little daughter.

On Tuesday, the race will be back up, and then the focus will be on the Olympics. Krause expects that very fast times will be needed there to at least make it into the top eight runners.

Krause would love to travel to Paris as European champion with a child. That’s why she promises to leave no stone unturned for the European Championships. “Gesa is going to be a mother, come back and become European champion – that sounds great, I’d like to hear that too,” says Krause.

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