European Athletics Championships: Petros third in the half marathon – silver and bronze in the team

European Athletics Championships: Petros third in the half marathon – silver and bronze in the team

The German long-distance specialists competed for medals in the half marathon for a long time. In the end, Amanal Petros and the team won bronze, and the women’s team even won silver.

The half marathon team has significantly improved the German haul at the European Athletics Championships in Rome with three medals. The women won silver in the team, before that Amanal Petros won in the individual and the men each won bronze.

The German marathon record holder was only beaten by the Italians Yemaneberhan Crippa and Pietro Riva and secured the second German individual medal. Crippa won in 1:01:03 hours ahead of Riva, who overtook Petros (1:01:07) in the final meters after he stepped on the track edge. “I was lacking a bit of speed, so I’m happy with third place,” said Petros on ARD.

Samuel Fitwi was the second best German, coming in fifth place in 1:01:17 hours. Filimon Abraham finished in 22nd place (1:03:09) and secured third place for the team. Richard Ringer finished in 28th place (1:03:53), Simon Boch was 31st (1:04:16), and Hendrik Pfeiffer came in 34th place (1:04:32).

German women impress in the team

Melat Kejeta, the German women’s greatest individual hope, fell behind before the final phase and finished fifth in 1:09:42 hours, while Norwegian Karoline Grövdal (1:08:09) won. Domenika Mayer (1:10:49) in eleventh place and Esther Pfeiffer (1:11:28) in 18th place secured second place for the team behind the British.

Two months before the Olympic Games in Paris, only half the marathon distance was on the program at the European Championships. Richard Ringer triumphed over the entire 42.2 kilometers in Munich two years ago, and in 2022 he took silver in the team ranking.

Petros and Fitwi in the leading group until the end

The runners were spared the great heat of the previous days; under overcast skies and slightly humid conditions, the race started near the Colosseum and then passed many of the sights of the Eternal City.

In the decisive phase, Petros and Fitwi were still at the front and were hot on Crippa’s heels. Riva and Maru Teferi from Israel, who finished fourth, were also in the running for the medals. Fitwi fell behind shortly before entering the Olympic Stadium, where Crippa had the greatest reserves. In 2022 in Munich, he won gold in the 10,000 meters.

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