Rainwear cycling: Why function beats appearance

Rainwear cycling: Why function beats appearance
Rainwear cycling: Why function beats appearance

Anyone who cycles to the office every day will get wet from time to time. Ideally, however, only on the outside. What rain jackets and the like should be able to do and why overshoes are important. Buying and washing tips for waterproof cycling clothing.

On rainy summer days, many bikes wait in vain for their owners in the basement. If it’s also cold and windy, car keys or Germany tickets really outdo the environmentally friendly two-wheeler. But everything could be so easy. Because it’s usually less about the desire to get on the bike than about having the right clothing. There’s always something in the closet for warm weather. On the other hand, it looks thin when water-repellent and windproof cycling clothing is required. Dressing for wind and weather can be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be.

What you should pay attention to when buying rainwear for cycling and which parts are particularly important, you will find out in the star.

Rain gear for cycling: function before beauty

Let’s start with where the raindrops hit first: Modern bicycle helmets are equipped with ventilation slots. This is important in summer so that the heat does not build up on the head and can easily escape. In rainy weather, especially in heavy rain, the drops drum not only on the shell, but also on the head. If you don’t want wet hair, you can elegantly put a rain cap over the helmet. They may not be very fashionable, but here the function seems to be the more important point. can be adjusted to the helmet size using an elastic band. Both the black and the green cover have reflective elements.

Rain jacket: Waterproof from the outside and the membrane helps inside

The ventilation slots mentioned above also play an important role when looking for a cycling jacket. Because no matter how you look at it, a waterproof jacket can hardly be breathable at the same time. Only very complex membranes can manage this balancing act. The products are correspondingly expensive. Manufacturers usually use a simple trick. They concentrate on a membrane with a high water column that can withstand the rain for as long as possible. To do this, they hide small ventilation slots under the arms or on the back that let the sweat out. The waterproof and windproof has a water column of 20,000 mm. According to the manufacturer, the jacket’s functional membrane transports 60,000 grams of moisture per m2 from the body to the fresh air within 24 hours. Nice: The hood can be conveniently stowed away in a fleece-lined collar.

Protect your technology: Rain cover for backpacks

A cycling rain tool that is particularly popular with commuters is the rain cover for backpacks.Laptops and other devices usually react allergically to any form of moisture. To protect the technology (and everything else inside), a waterproof rain cover helps. A real eye-catcher is the . If you are illuminated, the fluorescent strips should be visible up to 150 meters away – day and night. Are you still looking for a gift for the first day of school? You can’t go wrong with this, because the cover is also suitable as rain protection for the school bag.

Pants and gloves: waterproof and breathable

If your hands are cold and wet, cycling is no fun. And that is why waterproof gloves are part of the basic equipment in wet, cold autumn weather. While thin finger gloves are sufficient in the cool morning hours of late summer, in the foggy autumn you can opt for gloves with thicker fur. To keep your fingers not only warm but also dry, they should be equipped with a waterproof membrane on the outside – like these . They work particularly well if you keep the thin gloves on. Clever: After a rain shower, they disappear in a small sewn-in pocket in no time at all and fit easily into any saddle or jersey pocket. Why do the hand warmers only have three fingers (plus thumb)? According to the manufacturer, the fingers stay warmer for longer with this cut. The water column is specified as 15,000 millimeters.

Rain is particularly hard on the legs. In addition to the shower from above, good cycling rain pants should also keep the splashing water from the front and below at bay. As with the rain jacket, attention should be paid to two points here. Rain pants must be waterproof and as breathable as possible. For short showers and stretches, the Here, the manufacturer has taken particular care to ensure that the jeans or chinos underneath do not get wet and dirty. However, due to the lack of ventilation slots, hardly any water vapour can get from the inside to the outside, which makes the trousers unsuitable for long journeys. After all, who wants to sit in the office with damp jeans that smell of sweat? Thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane, this is no longer a problem with the better. The warm air can escape to the outside and the skin stays dry. This makes the pants suitable for longer trips. However, they also cost a bit more.

Last but not least, we come to rain protection for feet and shoes. Here, clever minds have been working and created so-called overshoes. The principle: you take a waterproof membrane, preferably breathable, shape it into a shoe and equip it with a zipper and additional Velcro fastener on the side or on the heel. The sole remains free so that shoes with cleats can still slide into the clipless pedals. The advantage of these overshoes: they can be put over almost any sneaker or sports shoe. They are also easy to clean. And the best thing: overshoes like also keep your feet nice and warm.

Washing rainwear: four important tips

In contrast to normal cotton fibers, the membranes of functional textiles, which also include rainwear, are very sensitive. In order not to damage the sensitive materials and thus destroy their function, four points should be observed when washing.

  1. Close all zippers before washing.
  2. If possible, stuff the rainwear into a .
  3. Only use special detergent for functional clothing.
  4. Avoid using fabric softener.

More information can be found here.

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