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Producers request 120 pesos for the green leaf

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For his part, the President of the Dos de Mayo Héctor Dingler Yerbat Cooperative He said that “in the meeting that the cooperative members held last Saturday in Monte Carlo we agreed to accompany the request of the producers.”

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The price session to agree on value of the green leaf for the winter harvest started last week. So far there was a meeting and the members of the INYM table did not agree.

The winter harvest begins on the 1st. April and ends on September 30. As established by the National Institute of Yerba Mate he green leaf value must be established unanimously otherwise it will be the award of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Nation Who determines the price?

Currently the value of the green leaf is established at 70.06 pesos. Price that was established by award of the Nation for the summer harvest. “That price was established until the end of September. You should take the inflation of an average of 6% per month which gives approximately 36%, plus the projection between April and September, that gives an approximate value of 121 pesos per kilo of green leaf”.

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“Worth 120 pesos per kilogram of green leafthe yerba canchada (dried) must be above 350 pesos per kilogramat the exit of the mill about 450 pesos per kilo and in gondola about 800 pesos per kilo”; Peterson said.

Reaching consensus is difficult

The governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad confirmed that he will meet with the national Secretary of Agriculture, Juan Jose Bahillo, to talk about a possible new award. At the price of the green daughter of yerba mate.

Speaking to F.M from Missions Herrera Ahuad He admitted that reaching a consensus “is complex. The last price set was a measure that came closer to the request of the producers with the award. It was bad for no one.”

“We hope that on one side -the productive one- they don’t go too far with the numbers, I think they ask for 120 pesos per kilo of green leaf; and on the other to achieve a balance with the industrialist. But it is complex that 100% of those who are sitting at a table sign a price agreement. It is very, very difficult, I am not saying that we will not be able to reach a price, I hope that good sense prevails and that interest generates a balance. Because there are interests of production and industry. And let it be beneficial for both of us, ”he added.

Source: Ambito

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