fruits and vegetables exceed the CPI by more than 70% in the last 12 months

fruits and vegetables exceed the CPI by more than 70% in the last 12 months

This is the sub-item of fruits and vegetables, which was the one that increased the most between April 2022 and the same month this year.

Inflation in April climbed to 8.4% per month, even exceeding the data for March (7.7%), and setting a new record since the end of hyperinflation in 1992. Meanwhile, year-on-year inflation rose to 108.8 %, staying in triple digits for the third consecutive month.

The sub-heading with the greatest increase was vegetables with increases of 185.3% compared to the previous year, sharing the ranking with fruits (180.8%). It should be noted that both products are classified as seasonal. Meanwhile, the smallest increase occurred in telecommunications services (77.5% yoy), with numbers in the same range in fuels (79.2%) and rentals (80.6%).

Other high increases were observed in the kilo of sweet potato (412.5%), lettuce (297.8%), tomato (261.6%), potato (253.1%), and pumpkin (190.4%).

Likewise, significantly above average increases were observed in fruits, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, herbal teas, and eggs. Meanwhile, dairy products, white meats, personal hygiene products, and baked goods grew slightly above average inflation. Finally, meat and bread remained somewhat below.

In summary, the bad inflation data for April is part of an inflationary dynamic that is accelerating for the fifth consecutive month. In this case, the abrupt rise in the parallel dollar may have had a certain degree of impact on the data.

Source: Ambito

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