Young people look to the future with concern

Young people look to the future with concern
Above all, the increased cost of living is causing headaches.
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This is a study that the consulting firm Deloitte conducts annually worldwide. This year, 22,000 people from 44 countries were surveyed, including 300 from Generation Z (born 1995 to 2004) and 200 Millennials born between 1983 and 1994 from Austria. Above all, the increased cost of living causes headaches: Around 50 percent of those surveyed worldwide live from hand to mouth and fear that they will not be able to cover additional costs.

Negative effect on the psyche

“In Austria, four out of ten of those surveyed have to spend their entire income on everyday life. This is worrying, because it means that the young cannot build anything up. Larger purchases, financial security for the future and, for example, owning a home are therefore a long way off Far away,” says Anna Nowshad, Partner at Deloitte Austria.

A third of those surveyed in Austria feel burned out due to the heavy workload. 56 percent of Gen Zs and 38 percent of Millennials report experiences at work that have negatively impacted their mental health in the past year.

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