Strikes could also occur in the social economy

Strikes could also occur in the social economy
In the social economy, the union is demanding 15 percent more.

If negotiations are not concluded at the next round of negotiations on November 27th, there will be a risk of further measures “including strikes,” it was decided at a works council conference on Monday.

At the Austria-wide works council conference of the GPA and vida unions in the VHS Floridsdorf, a resolution was passed on Monday to call works meetings “for the information of colleagues”. Precautionary strike decisions were also made. “Further measures including a strike” have been agreed upon if there is no conclusion at the next round of negotiations on November 27th.

“Appreciation” is demanded

The resolution states that the works councils of the member companies of the Austrian social economy expect “fair wage and salary increases and improvements in working conditions” from the ongoing collective bargaining negotiations. In the last round of negotiations, the employers’ offer was not improved.

“Appreciation” of work is also required through a “fair and sustainable wage and salary agreement”. We will “know how to use all available measures” to achieve this. The employees also said they were confident that they would receive support across all sectors: “In pushing through our concerns, we are certain of the broad solidarity support of the trade union movement across industry boundaries.”

15 percent demand – 8.8 percent offer

In the last round of negotiations, the GPA and vida unions stuck to their demand for an increase of 15 percent – but at least 400 euros. However, the employers stuck to their offer of 8.8 percent.

GPA chief negotiator Eva Scherz said in a written statement to the APA on Monday that the employees had “hard years” behind them. “We now need significantly more money, also to reduce the high salary difference compared to other industries.”

They want to reach a conclusion next week. “If that doesn’t work, we’ll be prepared.” Employers are now being asked to “move forward” in the next round of negotiations.

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