More pressure on Javier Milei for the removal of withholdings in another key sector of the economy

More pressure on Javier Milei for the removal of withholdings in another key sector of the economy

The claim was made by the Latin American Foundation for Fisheries Sustainability (FULASP) Due to the “critical situation” that crosses the sector. The request will be submitted in the next few hours to the Secretary of Bioeconomy, the Federal Fisheries Council and the Undersecretary of Aquaculture Resources and Fisheries of the Nation.

The fishing industry demands that Milei suspend withholdings


The fishing industry demands the suspension of withholdings.

Raul Ceresetopresident of FULASP, referred to this and explained that “it is urgent suspend export duties for a minimum period of 180 days for the tariff positions corresponding to all fishery products”.

Furthermore, he maintained that this measure would be fundamental to “improve the competitiveness of the entire product chaingoing, encouraging the development of production and the addition of national value, in addition to boosting sales to foreign markets and significantly raising the income of the entire aquaculture industry.”

According to the Foundation, “the world market crisis, high internal costs and the flat exchange rate show a present and future scenario very gloomy for the fishing industry.” In that sense, they mentioned different issues that made the national flag companies find themselves in a “very unfavorable“.

Among them: “The consequences of war between Russia and Ukraine, inflationary indicators in product-buying countries, the continuity of restrictive measures that were installed in the Asian market following the Covid-19 pandemic, the significant decrease in demand and the drop in prices; added to the competition generated by aquaculture”.

At the same time, he warned that the cost structure “has become unviable” due to factors such as “the increase in capture and production costs, the increase in the prices of fuels, oils and packaging, higher distribution expenses, the increase in port costs, the impact of inflation on salary adjustments and the accumulated exchange rate delay from previous years”.

The countryside and mining, the other two sectors that ask for the removal of withholdings

Before the announcement of Javier Milei in La Rural, from the Argentine Agrarian Federationthey had demanded greater “certainty” and the elimination of withholdings. The president of the organization, Carlos Achetoni -who recently died in a car accident- had declared that the field “must have projection” to be able to produce.

Along the same lines, he explained that with the fall in international prices and inflation, which has made inputs more expensive, “it became complicated“produce. “In the future we need certainty, to have projection, because in this nebula in which we are, the producer protects himselfsince there is no clear line,” he indicated.

For this reason, he asked the Government to elimination of withholdings to “be able to give incentives to the producer to plant.” “It happens that our production costs are very high, which is why profitability is zero or negative. So, if the Government does not set a path to eliminate withholdings, it will be very difficult for regional economies to continue,” he explained.

For its part, the mining industry also joined the request. During the tenth San Juan Mining Expo -which took place days ago- Roberto Cacciolapresident of the Argentine Chamber of Mining Companies (CAEM)named six points that are fundamental for the sector, among them, he mentioned that ““There should be no mining withholdings for new investments.”

Then, Juan Alberto PazoSecretary of Planning and Management for Productive Development and the Bioeconomy declared that “Mining is a fundamental pillar for the development of Argentina that is coming” so they will seek to “gain competitiveness the easy way and no longer through short-term devaluations.

In that sense, he pointed out: “The course is clear: it is to organize the macroeconomy and public accounts and consolidate international reserves and then face a tax reduction. That is the course. The President of the Nation clearly said what the sequence is for which we are going to go to: reduction of country tax, reduction of withholdings and reduction of debits and credits“.

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