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Summer 2023: tips for training in the heat

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There are several aspects that must be taken into account and implemented when planning your activity daynothing complex, but essential so that you avoid any episode that makes you having.

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Roxana Blanco, sports director of SportClub offers us a first guide to training in summer and performing without abandoning your purposes.

Tips for training in summer

Start taking into account the schedules, if your schedule allows it I chose the morning hours until 11, more, if your physical activity is outdoors, avoiding moments of intense exposure to the sun and alternate exercising in the gym facilities, following your muscle-building and stretching routine as normal.

Being inside, it is recommended take advantage of the air-conditioned environment avoiding putting yourself in front of the air conditioning since this can produce spasms or intense muscle contractures.

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Another important aspect is the hydration, Although it is a constant at any time of the year, it is recommended to drink water before physical activity, and whenever our body asks for it, you can even add a few drops of lemon that has an important contribution of vitamin C.

With respect to feeding, Roxana recommends that it be much lighter than the rest of the year, reducing the consumption of carbohydrates to avoid heaviness and seek lightness when training. In the same way, nutrition professionals design a specific program or diet that varies according to the activity you do, the frequency, intensity and time, since each organism is different and will adapt to the needs of the individual.

In addition, the professional designs a special routine according to personal requirements, evaluating aerobic capacity and resistance, always betting on being effective and contributing to the development and physical growth in an integral way, body, nutrition and mind.

Finally, the SportClub staff professional recommends training accompanied, looking for motivation. Create links, take advantage of social relationships and foster empathy in others with the help of sport.

Knowing the benefits of exercising, seeking to improve health and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, will help in a better quality of life, improving mood and mood, increasing serotonin and endorphins. Now yes, with these recommendations from wellness experts, it is not possible to make excuses for high temperatures. This way you will avoid stagnating, losing your progress and even going back on your goals.

“Everything depends on your effort and commitment because there are no magical changes if they are not worked on”White concluded.

Source: Ambito

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