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People: Boris Becker returns as an advertising figure and entrepreneur

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Boris Becker knows his way around advertising, the list of his past advertising partnerships is long. A short time after his release from prison, there is a new deal with a window mail order company.

About three months after his release from prison, ex-tennis star Boris Becker is back as an entrepreneur and advertising figure. Today the 55-year-old is presenting his latest advertising deal with a window mail order company.

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The tennis legend can look back on a long career as an advertising ambassador. The three-time Wimbledon winner had collected about 25 million US dollars in prize money during his tennis career and, according to his own estimates, earned about the same amount from advertising.

Released from prison in December

Becker was sentenced to two and a half years in prison in London at the end of April 2022 because he had concealed assets worth millions from his insolvency administrators. He was released in mid-December after 231 days behind bars because of a special regulation for foreign prisoners. Becker has to cede part of his income to the insolvency administrator.

Some advertising with Becker has achieved cult status in recent decades. The AOL commercial, with which he was once supposed to make the Internet palatable to Germans, probably stayed in the collective memory in particular: “Am I in there already, or what? – I’m in it!” He also acted as a brand ambassador for the hardware store company Praktiker, the Nürburgring and Mercedes-Benz.

Appearance at the Berlinale

In his latest commercial for Fensterversand.com he throws money out of the window in a self-deprecating manner. Brand ambassadors are celebrities who use their well-known names to drum up advertising.

Becker recently made a public appearance at the Berlinale: the first part of a documentary about the ups and downs of his life premiered at the film festival. For “Boom! Boom! – The World vs. Boris Becker” director Alex Gibney interviewed the tennis star in 2019 and a few days before his conviction in London in 2022.

Source: Stern

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