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Curvy model Sarina Nowak: She had a brain tumor

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Curvy model Sarina Nowak had a brain tumor that had to be surgically removed. She remembers the “worst pains”.

Sarina Nowak (29) had a tumor in her head. remembers the former “GNTM” darling (2009), who made a career as a curvy model in the adopted home of the USA after the casting show, of the bad time.

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With tears, the 29-year-old tells of the bad headache that started it all. The doctors first treated her for migraines, but that didn’t help. “After a week I went to the hospital because I couldn’t stand the pain anymore. It was the worst pain I’ve ever had in my life,” says Nowak.

The brain surgery was followed by an insatiable thirst

The blonde had brain surgery last year. Although this was successful, the tumor left its mark on her body. This is particularly evident in an almost unquenchable thirst. “I have the feeling that I want to drink a lot of water, and I still feel like I’m dying of thirst,” says Nowak. The tumor caused that, but she has hope that this feeling will go away. “It may be there forever. If not, it will go away soon,” she says. The healing phase lasts about a year. “But it’s gotten better, I have to say. Luckily, I drank about eight liters of water at the beginning,” she says, amazed at the number herself.

She becomes particularly emotional when she thinks of her family. “My family has always been there for me and by my side,” she recalls. Born in Lower Saxony, she took part in the fourth season of the casting show “Germany’s next top model” and ended up sixth.

Source: Stern

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