Morgan Freeman: That’s why he wore a single glove at the Oscars

Morgan Freeman: That’s why he wore a single glove at the Oscars

Morgan Freeman took to the stage at the Oscars with a black glove on his left hand. The background is a car accident in which the actor was involved in 2008.

At the Oscars, Morgan Freeman made a brief appearance alongside Margot Robbie to announce a post celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Warner Bros. film and television company. Some viewers noticed something unusual about Freeman’s outfit: The actor wore a single black glove on his left hand.

Although the glove was colored to match Freeman’s tuxedo and was not easily recognizable in many pictures and television settings, many wonder why the 85-year-old had it with him. Speculations about health problems quickly made the rounds. In fact, Freeman wears the glove more often – and has also spoken openly about the reasons. Among other things, he performed with it at the opening ceremony for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The background is a car accident that he had in August 2008.

Morgan Freeman: Late effects after serious car accident

At that time he came off the road in the US state of Mississippi and the car rolled over several times. Freeman and his companion had to be cut out of the wreckage by rescue workers. Both survived, but Freeman broke an arm and elbow and sustained a shoulder injury. He had to have multiple surgeries.

The actor recovered from the injuries, but there were long-term effects on his left hand. “A nerve was injured and hasn’t recovered. I can’t move my hand,” Freeman told People magazine in 2010. Therefore, he has to wear a compression glove to prevent the blood from pooling in the unused hand.

Since the accident, Freeman has suffered from fibromyalgia – extreme pain in his arm. “Up and down your arm. That’s where it gets really bad. Excruciating,” he once described his problems in an interview with “Esquire”. To relieve the pain, he regularly takes marijuana, he said in 2015: “I take it in different forms as it is available: I eat it, drink it, smoke it or snort it.”

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