Plus size fashion trends 2023: 6 looks for women with curves

Plus size fashion trends 2023: 6 looks for women with curves

For curvy women, 2023 has a lot of new fashion trends to offer: from floral patterns to shirt dresses and jumpsuits – this year light, airy cuts and styles are more popular than ever. We present six of them.

The fashion industry has long recognized that women no longer want to hide behind and in their clothes – quite the opposite: they want to show off their curves. More and more plus-size wearers are embracing their curves and want to dress them up in modern clothes. For this reason, the new fashion trends for 2023 are more body-hugging than ever, so that every figure type can be perfectly staged. Below we present six different styles that were created for self-confident curvy women who stand by their curves.


In combination with sandals, sneakers or high heels, every woman makes a statement a good figure. The modern one-piece (with or without belt, classic or ) has the advantage that it flatters every figure. The light, airy cuts, which are also dominating this spring, offer a high level of comfort – and are also available in large sizes. This also applies to overalls, which are among the plus size fashion trends for 2023.

2. Animal prints

2023 is going wild! Once again animal prints are trendy: by above up to – this spring, the exciting patterns can be found in countless styles that draw everyone’s attention. With the plus-size prints, you can emphasize individual parts of the body or wrap yourself in an animalistic outfit from top to bottom. Anything that is fun is allowed. Hiding was yesterday!

3. Floral patterns

Floral patterns are at least as popular as animal prints this spring in fashion – above all on – and . The romantic ones exude pure joie de vivre and flatter every (curvy) figure. Well-known brands for plus sizes, such as Ulla Popken, have long recognized the trend and integrated it into their collections.

4. Shirt dresses

It looks like a shirt, but it’s a dress – and somehow reminds of a long blouse: are an absolute plus size fashion trend for 2023. The is comfortable and yet feminine. The can conceal problem areas, but also emphasize feminine curves. It is sporty-chic and suits almost every occasion.

5. White dresses

White wears on? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! If there’s one color that’s perfect for warm days, it’s this one. The figure doesn’t play a decisive role, it just needs the right style. The plus size fashion trends for 2023 this year include white dresses, or in wrapped or with beautiful .

6. Blouses

On hot days, an airy blouse is just right for curvy women. They skilfully flatter the figure, conjure up a beautiful décolleté and let your skin get enough fresh air. The plus size fashion trends in 2023 include above all and Models, but also blouses with , or .

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