Maxi Trusso pointed again at Lali Esposito: “She’s a nice pony”

Maxi Trusso pointed again at Lali Esposito: “She’s a nice pony”

The singer was dispatched with criticism against various exponents of current music whom he treated as “influencers”.

maxi trusso He was in the news in recent days due to the robbery he suffered at his home in Tigre. In this context, the singer spoke with Gonzalo Vázquez from Intrusos (América), and, after giving details of the fact of insecurity, he again charged against Lali Espositowhom he described with some lapidary phrases.

The artist compared the music of the past with the current one and assured that today’s singers emerged through social networks and that they are only interested in money. “Today’s music is a derivative of social networks, of television programs. The music of before was a search and a sacrifice directly for the music”held.

Annoyed, he added: “Luis Alberto Spinetta, Fito Páez, Charly García left their lives in this. These skinny ones go directly to the twine. I really mean it”.

Immediately afterwards, he made reference to Lali Espósito and Tini Stoessel, two of the most popular singers in Argentina today. “Music will return, this is a rare phenomenon. Sorry to say it like that, the girls are divine. Lali seems divine to me, a great actress. Tini (Stoessel) seems divine to me, very cool, an influencer, whatever you want… But they are not rockers ”, attacked Maxi Trusso.

And he added: “They are artists of the modern world, they are influencers and they are this, but they are not rockers. Rock and roll is not there. Rock and roll is something else, it is colliding with misfortune and these did not collide with misfortune”.

“How will music be if you didn’t suffer? The music is not there, “she asserted and then clarified:” It is not the girls’ fault, they are not guilty, they have nothing to do with it. They are divine, they are very pretty. Lali, as she once said, she’s a pretty pony, she’s a pretty girl.”.

Lastly, he spoke directly to the author of “Discipline”: “He is trying hard to sing well. But join us Lali, join the neighborhood, let’s have some whiskeys and make rock and roll “. Maxi Trusso concluded: “She is the maximum exponent of greasy”.

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