Summer decoration 2023: These trends are with us this year

Summer decoration 2023: These trends are with us this year

Gradually, the good weather prevails more and more – and spreads a touch of summer mood. High time for the right decoration. We have summer decorating ideas and trends.

Summer is here. And with it you can get the right atmosphere at home – with a cheerful summer decoration, for example. We have ideas and trends that create a good mood both indoors and outdoors.

Summer decoration 2023: What is the trend?

This year, home accessories are allowed to really catch the eye, to bring a good mood home and to enjoy the small special features when looking at them.

Fancy fairy lights

fairy lights are somehow part of a cozy summer evening – and let us enjoy the grilled food and drink in an even more atmospheric way. 2023 may the but like to become the right visual highlight: whether filled with dried flowers, with small preserving jars instead of light bulbs or in the shape of animals, for example.

Oriental elements

And if the long-awaited summer trip has to be canceled again this year, you can at least make yourself as beautiful and dreamy as possible at home. That goes with, for example oriental living accessoriesthat are trending in 2023. printed carpets, with a matching pattern and other elements ensure exotic flair and a cozy atmosphere.


Of course, plants should not be missing from the summer decoration. But instead of distributing them everywhere, you can also make them a visual highlight by combining them in one draped. This immediately looks lively and appealing and of course leaves many options open to experiment with different plants and pots. It’s still trendingthe urban jungle theme, in which plants such as palm trees and climbing plants are staged and which can be stylistically combined with animal figures, for example. A plant shelf looks good on the balcony, terrace or in the garden. Indoors, different plants can be draped in baskets to create a summery feel.

prints and colours

Of course, they also provide eye-catchers more striking colors or prints. Shades of yellow, orange and rosé immediately create a summer mood, as do floral patterns or plant and boho prints. Those who step on the gas in terms of color should, however, scale back a little with the rest of the summer decorations in order to set specific visual highlights. A colorful outdoor carpet, combined with simpler accessories or in combination with golden vases and co. in the interior are, for example, harmonious combinations. The combination of shades of green and gold is also popular. This ensures freshness and elegance at the same time. On the other hand, simpler prints such as subtle checked patterns can tolerate more eye-catching decorative elements.

More ideas for an atmospheric summer decoration

It is particularly harmonious if you think of a general motto for the summer decoration and distribute elements throughout the apartment instead of just emphasizing them selectively. An idea: a maritime motto. This creates a summer and holiday mood and can be implemented in many ways. Blue and white decorative elements such as cushions or carpets, which are evenly draped in the apartment, provide a good basis. Other accessories such as those with a maritime touch go well with this from which the food almost feels like a holiday by the sea.

With these visual highlights, you immediately feel more comfortable at home – and a chic summer decoration is always more sustainable than a short vacation.

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