Jenny Elvers: That’s why the actress goes into politics

Jenny Elvers: That’s why the actress goes into politics

Actress Jenny Elvers wants to get involved in local politics. Her homeland is very important to her, she said in an interview.

Jenny Elvers (51) goes into politics. said the actress and presenter: “I will join the CDU.” She wants to get involved in local politics because her homeland, the Lüneburg Heath, is very important to her.

According to the report, the reason for Elvers’ political commitment is the planned Y route of Deutsche Bahn from Hamburg to Hanover. “People here are all against it, I will do my best against it,” the 51-year-old explained to the newspaper. “If you have contacts and are in the public eye, you should do something and get involved.” Activating the right people is one of her great strengths. Elvers added: “I’m now at the age where I also think about my homeland and want to give something back, the people here have always done a lot for me.”

A TV star since the 90s

Jenny Elvers grew up near Lüneburg. She has been working as a moderator and actress since the 1990s. Elvers has also appeared in shows such as “Let’s Dance” (2007) and won the first season “Promi Big Brother” in 2013. In the years that followed, she appeared in other TV formats such as “Celebrity Shopping Queen” (2014), “I’m a star, get me out of here!” (2016), “Prominent Separated” and “Club of Good Moods” (both 2022). In addition to appearances in television series such as “Der Alte” or “SOKO Wismar”, Elvers published her autobiography “Wackelyears: My Life Between Glamor and Crash” in September 2018.

Source: Stern

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