The photo of an Argentine is one of the best in the world of the Milky Way

The photo of an Argentine is one of the best in the world of the Milky Way

Gonzalo Javier Santile captured the Quebrada de las Conchas, Salta, at night. That image made him one of the 2023 Milky Way Photographers.

Gonzalo Santile

The Milky Way It is a visual spectacle from where you observe it and what better than to look at it and capture it from somewhere Argentine destination. That was what the Cordovan night photographer did, Gonzalo Javier Santilewho took a photo from the Las Conchas Gorge, Cafayate, Saltaand was consecrated -for the second year- as one of the Milky Way Photographers 2023 by Capture The Atlas.

Regarding the inspiration of the image “CAFAYATE STAR FACTORY”Santile assured Financial sphere that “I will always cafayate. There is little light pollution and also has lots of geoforms which are great. So, one day I went before dark with my team, I established myself in the place, I was looking at an application that indicates the position of the Milky WayI found the stone fireplacesI loved it and took the photo. Then I went back to Villa Carlos Paz -where he was born and lives- and I processed the image”.

cafayate salta award.jpg


“To capture this shot, and as soon as the first stars, with some light still shining on the landscape, I shot the images for the close-up. After that, when it was completely dark, I took the vertical sky photos“, explained Santile, who -in 2016- decided to lean towards the digital night photography. “As the Milky Way was already very low at that time of the year, I had to hurry, since I only had an opportunity to get the images of the sky once it got dark. I lined up my tracker and the action started,” she added.

Along the same lines, the photographer -whose current hobby is astrophotography– defined: “In the image you can see the rock formations and ‘windows’ of this area of ​​the Cafayate desert known as The Windows and the little ones Cactus what are the only vegetation here. I was able to capture the reddish colors of the nebulae and more details in the night sky thanks to the combination of a star tracker and one modified camera with stars“.

cafayate salta award.jpg

Gonzalo Javier Santile

For six years, the blog Capture The Atlas annually chooses nighttime images from 25 photographers to help them find inspiration in their next astronomical postcards. To do this, they publish the best photos of the Milky Way taken all over the world. In this edition, there were also images of remote deserts of Socotra, Madagascar, Atacama and Namibia. Without counting the lost landscapes of Australia and New Zealand.

Source: Ambito

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