Jorge Lanata’s official medical report: how the journalist’s health continues

Jorge Lanata’s official medical report: how the journalist’s health continues
August 25, 2023 – 19:33

From the Favaloro Foundation they announced how the health of Jorge Lanata is progressing, who was admitted on Wednesday with a urinary infection.

After learning the news of the hospitalization of the journalist Jorge Lanatathe Favaloro Foundation reported this Friday what is his state of health after having entered the clinic on Wednesday afternoon due to a urinary tract infection.

From the institution they shared their medical part where they specified: “The Favaloro Foundation University Hospital reports that Mr. George Ernest Lanata was admitted to our institution on Wednesday the 23rd for treatment of a bacteremic urinary infection.being necessary hospital stay for a suitable clinical control and adherence to the therapeutic scheme”.

Medical report Lanata.jpeg

The journalist had begun to feel unwell on Sunday afternoon and after three days of work he decided to go to the guard of the Favaloro Foundation where he was diagnosed with urinary tract infection and where he remains in intensive care with preventive care.

Thursday morning concern began among the listeners of his program on Radio Miter, Lanata Sin Filtro, after he was absent for the second day in a row. Monday already he had to leave the apartment during the transmission because he began to feel bad and with low blood pressure and after going on the air Tuesday morning as normal, he entered the clinic on Wednesday.

In 2015, Lanata had a kidney transplant and has a very rigorous monitoring of his health. he was the first Latin American crossover kidney transplant. Her partner at the time, Sara Stewart Brown, donated hers to a young man so that Lanata could receive the recipient’s mother’s.

“What happened to me with my donor, Nora, was a very strange thing: I felt that I loved her and that I had always known her, as if I were holding onto my daughter”, he recounted some time later.

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