Sandal trends 2021: These models are trendy this summer

Summer is here and with it the current shoe trend: sandals are also a must-have on hot days in 2021. We present three trendy models – including styling tips.

If there is a practical fashion must-have in summer, it is certainly sandals: You can slip into the airy treads quickly and easily – and they often also make for a fashionable eye-catcher. But what are the sandal trends in 2021? We present three trendy models and have styling tips ready.

1. Sandal trend 2021: Chunky toe separators

Boring toe separators and flip-flops are no longer popular this year. Instead, as with sneakers or (ankle) boots, things can now be “chunky”. In other words: toe separators are no longer just plain colored or come with narrow straps and particularly flat soles. Instead, they can be a little chunkier: with coarser, wider straps, thicker soles and contrasts or prints. This makes the otherwise rather reserved treads an eye-catcher. You can combine them (or “Dad” or “Ugly” sandals) with jeans and a shirt as well as a straw or raffia pocket for a cool summer look. But the shoes also go perfectly with jumpsuits or simple dresses.

2. Sandal trend 2021: Velcro

While filigree sandals with laces or ties have been the trend in recent years, this summer is more practical: are the fashionable choice. Like the chunky version, they are a bit cooler and chunkier, but they are an ideal match for this year’s fashion trends. And they are also super practical. They either go with a casual outfit consisting of mom jeans and a T-shirt or top or with a casual summer dress. The casual sandals can also be easily combined with a combination of shorts and shirt or a one-piece.

3. Sandal trend 2021: Cozy and practical

In line with the 2021 fashion trends, the sandal trends are one thing above all else: cozy. Complicated lacing, unfavorable heels or uncomfortable materials are out this year. Instead, there are comfortable materials and an ergonomically shaped footbed, as is the case with is available, announced. Practical and fashionable are not mutually exclusive.

More sandal trends for 2021

Also or with strong contrast are trendy this summer. Braided sandals, mules or mules in an elegant leather look or square sandals are also a good choice for 2021 to shine with fashion.

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