J Balvin presented his new single “Polvo de tu Vida” ft Chencho Corleone

J Balvin presented his new single “Polvo de tu Vida” ft Chencho Corleone

The Colombian, who is preparing to release a new album, has just closed his European tour, conquering more than 16 countries in an unprecedented tour for a Latin artist.

J Balvinthe Latin music star, premiered “Dust of your Life”his new single, with the Puerto Rican artist Chencho Corleone. Catchy and sensual, the song claims the purest sound of old-school reggaeton, which combines it exquisitely with an ultra-futuristic and mysterious video.

“Polvo de tu Vida” is a preview of what Balvin’s new album will be, which features a dembow protagonist throughout the song, accompanying lyrics about what could be an unforgettable night of passion.

The video, made in the emblematic Museum of the Future in Dubai and directed by the Puerto Rican Patricia Alfonso, shows the two artists in futuristic spaces and laboratories, where Balvin and Chencho are examined. Balvin thus becomes the first artist to record a music video in this prestigious place. On her part, Patricia Alfonso, who has already worked with Balvin on other productions such as ‘Triple S’, ‘Perreo Level’ and ‘Teeth’collaborates with him again on this project.

‘Polvo de tu Vida’ arrives in the middle of what has been a great year for J Balvin. His unforgettable presentation at Coachella 2024, with an innovative staging and cataloged as one of the best of the festival and one of the best by a Latino in recent years, along with a sublime performance, marked the long-awaited return of the Latin idol and gave start of the successful ‘It’s good to see you again tour’ through Europe.

The tour has crossed more than 16 countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands, among others.

After a time of hiatus, J Balvin has not only returned to reconnect with his fans around the world, but also to present his next album after his latest album ‘JOSÉ’ in 2021. ‘Polvo de tu Vida’ marks the beginning of this new musical stage.

Upcoming J Balvin tour dates

  • July 13 – Quebec, Canada
  • July 19 – Jakarta, Indonesia
  • July 21 – Malaysia
  • It’s good to see you again – Tour Australia
  • September 4 – Melbourne
  • September 6 – Sydney
  • September 7 – Brisbane
  • September 10 – Perth

“Polvo De Tu Vida” ft Chencho Corleone by J Balvin is available on all music platforms.

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