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5 local destinations to enjoy

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With all kinds of destinations to choose from —all the variety that the national territory offers—, it is possible to take advantage of your own vehicle to travel, or you can also rent cars from 150 dollars for four days. Another alternative are the bus, whose rates vary depending on the travel site.

Gold Coast, Cannelloni

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The Gold Coast in cannelloni It is not only chosen by international tourists, but it is the number 1 destination for local tourists. Extending from the pando creek until Solis Grande streamoffers a large number of spas: Atlántida, Neptunia, Pinamar, Salinas, Marindia, El Fortín, Villa Argentina, Las Toscas, Parque del Plata, Las Vegas, La Floresta, Costa Azul, Bello Horizonte, Guazuvirá, San Luis, Los Titanes, La Tuna, Araminda, Santa Lucía del Este, Biarritz, Cuchilla Alta, El Galeón, Santa Ana, Balneario Argentino and Jaureguiberry.

The bus ticket from Montevideo it costs 120 pesos for a round trip, and offers a variety of lodging options at affordable prices. For example, a house with one bedroom can be obtained from the $126 for three nights, while with two bedrooms the rate rises to 216 dollars. As for hotels, a standard room for two people with breakfast included starts at $249.

Gold Coast.jpg

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Costa de Oro is a destination highly chosen by Uruguayans.

The hot springs of Salto

Visit the hot springs Leap It is another great alternative for a few days off during Tourism Week, even more so in the first days of April, when autumn already allows you to enjoy the warm waters. From Montevideo, the bus ticket costs 1,362 pesos, and most hotels have a package of thermal pools.

Among the options to visit in the city are the Arapey Hot Springsthe Almirón Hot Springs and the Daymán Hot Springsthe latter with a municipal thermal park whose entrance is very affordable for Uruguayan residents.

As for the accommodation, the three nights in a standard double room with breakfast included is achieved at starting at $217. Likewise, a one-bedroom apartment starts at $252.


The hot springs are perfect for resting in the middle of the semester, and the ones in Salto are highly chosen by Uruguayans.

The hot springs are perfect for resting in the middle of the semester, and the ones in Salto are highly chosen by Uruguayans.

Lunarejo Valley, Rivera

For a more natural trip and for those who like to hike during their vacations, the Lunarejo Valley is a destination of ecotourism perfect in Rivera. Located in the north of the country, on the border with Brazil, It has all kinds of routes for hiking enjoying the proximity to nature, valleys, waterfalls and rivers.

In addition, if the city is chosen as the place of accommodation, the activities vary and you can also visit the historical and tourist sites, as well as enjoy walks through the wineries and even go to the casino. The bus from Montevideo costs 681 pesos, round trip.

As for accommodation, an economic double room without breakfast for three nights, in the Valle de Lunarejo area, is available starting at $173, while a standard double room with breakfast starts at $206 and a deluxe double room starts at $237. Likewise, a small one-bedroom apartment starts at $255.

Valle del Lunarejo.jfif

Valle del Lunarejo is the perfect place for ecotourism.

Valle del Lunarejo is the perfect place for ecotourism.

The wine region in Garzón

maldonado It is a naturally tourist point, with its beaches and city attractions. But it also offers options wine tourism for Uruguayans who want to do something different during Tourism Week in the wine-growing area of Waiter.

Inside the department you can see a lots of wineries with export potential, as well as the nature and landscapes that surround them. The bus ticket costs 374 pesos round trip from Montevideo, and also allows you to enjoy other activities in the city.

Accommodation starts with room alternatives from $1,440 in the areas closest to the wine region; but there is also the option of staying in the surroundings for cheaper rates: with one-bedroom houses starting at $196 for three nights, or double rooms with a value of $234.

As for activities, most wineries offer picnics, hiking, tastings, and tours of the vineyards and facilities for prices that do not go below 1,000 Uruguayan pesos. And you can also take advantage of the days to tour the department.


Touring wineries and vineyards is a great plan for Tourism Week.

Touring wineries and vineyards is a great plan for Tourism Week.

Colonia del Sacramento, colonial history

Cologne It is a destination that receives visitors throughout the year, since the temperature does not influence the level of enjoyment of the city and its historical corners. It is the oldest city in the country and offers postcards that are worth visiting at least once, during a city break.

The bus from Montevideo costs 240 pesos, round trip, hotels are the predominant accommodation alternative. In this sense, you get a standard double room with breakfast included from 219 dollars for three nights, while the deluxe double room, also with breakfast, scales over 500 dollars.

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