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Japan commemorates 12 years of the triple disaster: earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima

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Japan commemorate this Saturday the twelfth anniversary of the triple disaster of March 11, 2011when one of the earthquakes most violent ever recorded in the world caused a tsunamiwhich unleashed the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

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As every year, it was observed in the country a minute of silence at 2:46 p.m., the time at which, 12 years ago, an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 shook the entire archipelago and reached as far as China.

Minute of silence in Japan.jpg

From the depths of Pacific Oceanoff the northeast coast of Japanthe terrible jolt caused a tsunami whose gigantic waves fell on the region. Meanwhile, this was the main cause of death or disappearance almost 18,500 people on that stage.

shock in japan

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Images on television this Saturday showed people who lost loved ones to the tsunami putting flowersoffering prayers and making a reverence in front of the graves.

“We are surviving, so please watch over us”said Fumiko Sugawara73, at the grave of her family members, including her husband, according to the public broadcaster NHK.


These were followed by the accident in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plantinundated by waves, where the cores of three of the six reactors were melted. AND 165 thousand people were evacuated while entire towns were left uninhabitable during years.

Fukushima today

Access to more than 1,650 km2 of the department (12% of its surface) was left forbidden in the months following the disaster. intense work of decontamination made it possible to reduce these uninhabitable zones to 337 km2 (2.4% of the department). For their part, the authorities anticipate that the cooperation sanitization and dismantling of the plant will last several decades.


The Japanese court confirmed in January the acquittal of three former Tepco leadersthe operator of the nuclear power plant, who had been criminally accused of negligence in the 2011 accident.

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