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The IM defended itself from criticism for the expenses of the festival Here we are

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The opposition classified as “bread and circuses” the money paid for the recitals of Lali Esposito and Daniela Mercury.

Photo: Municipality of Montevideo

The Municipality of Montevideo (IM) responded to criticism from the opposition over the festival’s spending “Here we are” where the Argentine artist, Lali Esposito and the Brazilian singer, Daniela Mercury saying that the value will be recovered with the sale of tickets and that it is an investment that puts on the table the gender equality.

This week, the IM reported the payment received by the artists for the performances they will give next Sunday the 19th as part of the “Here we are” festival to be held on the Rambla de Punta Carretas. Espósito’s show will cost $256,478, while Mercury’s will cost $62,387.

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The expenses in the festival generated criticism from the opposition who classified it as “bread and Circus”. “The expression of bread and circuses is sad,” replied the interim mayor and director of Municipal Development and Participation of the IM, Federico Grana to Telemundo. “Because it has to do with how we build the city. A city that generates events and culture, that is open to different cultural expressions, is not bread and circuses. I think there are some actors who should start to ask them what investment they make in culture”, he added.

According to Graña, the festival is an investment and its objective is to put the gender equality on the table since it is an event directed, produced and carried out by women. “We are convinced that it is an event that puts the issue of women on the table. I had to be in the production of ‘Montevideo Late‘, and some of the criticisms we had were for how the grid was made, that there was no gender equality, ”he explained.

On the other hand, the interim mayor assured that the money invested will be recovered. “There will be a recovery of money through the tickets and various sponsors”, assured Graña who also distinguished the “Montevideo Late” festival that was free.

Source: Ambito

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